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Calling all mobile gamers looking for love (or friendship). Wolf Girl With You is a unique dating simulation game for your phone or tablet that lets you build a relationship with Liru, a charming wolf girl.

It isn’t your typical dating game focused on just appearances. Wolf Girl With You is all about creating a real connection with Liru. You’ll live together, making choices that shape your friendship or potential romance. Every shared meal, every game night, strengthens your bond.

Wolf Girl With You offers stunning visuals, a heart-warming story full of sweet moments, and catchy music to keep you entertained. It’s a breath of fresh air in the dating sim genre, focusing on genuine connection over shallow appearances.

What is Wolf Girl With You?

Want to be friends or even more with a super cute wolf girl named Liru? In Wolf Girl With You, you get to hang out with Liru and do fun things together! The more you care for her, the closer you become. This game is different because Liru feels like both a cuddly pet and a girlfriend. She’s adorable and cares about you, making her the best! No wonder dating game fans love it.

Wolf Girl With You is easy to play but keeps you guessing. Every choice you make, like what to eat, affects your friendship with Liru. Be nice and helpful, and your bond will grow stronger! The story gets more exciting as you play, with choices that test how much you care about each other. Will you help Liru when she needs you? It’s all up to you!

Unlike other dating games that just focus on looks. This game is about building a real connection. It’s got great pictures and a story full of sweet moments. Looking for a cute and fun dating game? Wolf Girl With You is the perfect choice!

Features of Wolf Girl With You:

  • Interactive Gameplay: You can interact with the character, pet her, and engage in various activities.
  • Realistic Graphics: The game features high-quality 3D graphics that make the character and environment look lifelike.
  • Voice Acting: The character is fully voiced, adding to the immersive experience.
  • Customization Options: You can customize the character’s appearance and clothing according to your preferences.
  • Multiple Scenes: The game offers different scenes and scenarios to explore with the character.
  • Storyline: It is a storyline that unfolds as you progress through the game, adding depth to the experience.
  • Multiple Endings: Your choices in the game affect the outcome, leading to different endings.
  • VR Support: The game supports virtual reality (VR) technology, enhancing immersion for players with compatible devices.
  • Intimacy System: There’s an intimacy system where you can deepen your bond with the character through interactions.
  • Support for Various Languages: The game may support multiple languages, making it accessible to players worldwide.


It offers a charming adventure filled with adorable moments and exciting choices. You’ll get to live with a caring and playful wolf girl named Liru, building a bond through everyday activities and meaningful decisions.

Forget shallow dating games focused on appearances. This application prioritizes genuine connection, making it a breath of fresh air in the genre. With stunning visuals, catchy music, and a heart-warming story. This game is sure to capture your heart. So, why wait? Download Wolf Girl With You and embark on a love story with a bite!

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