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Tag After School APK is a game known for its mysterious and horrible scenarios. It was introduced by a Japanese company, and the whole gameplay was set in a haunted school.

In the gameplay, as a character, play and manage situations. Your actions impact the results and life of the character. Overall, the character encounters terrible and furious scenes, but you must act consciously and carefully to escape from the traps and cross the school. If you enjoy horrible and haunted scenes, you must play the tag after-school game.

What is Tag After School?

Tag After School is a game designed for players who love to explore haunted places and solve puzzles. This game is set in a haunted school that has been uninhabited for several years. You have to cross the school and win the games as a player.

The gameplay revolves around Kun’s life in a haunted school. This game is interesting because your choices and actions define the future of Shota Kun. During this adventure journey, you only have a flashlight with a limited battery, but you need to be active and avoid all the ghost traps to progress in the game.

Tag after School game is a challenge. It is full of challenges and horrible scenes, and you, as the player, need survival skills and critical thinking to survive throughout the game. You will encounter a female ghost, puzzles, and blood everywhere. You must avoid the enemies and face the challenges with courage to move forward.

This app has a graphic aesthetic and a colorful atmosphere, making the game immersive and engaging. Further, the interface is simple and has an easy control system, enabling users to manage things carefully and take informed action. Various clues and hints are available in the gameplay; players need to be open eyes and play the game using hints and other available features.

Moreover, Tag after School allows users to customize the characters according to their preferences. You can design the character in different outfits and looks and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. In this game, there are numerous characters to interact with them. In all, you need to be more courageous to survive till the end of the game.

Features of Tag After School:

  • Tag after-school app has stunning graphics and vibrant colors, adding variety to the gameplay.
  • This app has an easy control system that lets players easily manage and guide Shota Ken’s actions by clicking available options.
  • The game storyline is intense and suspenseful. The plot involves mysterious rooms and haunted secrets.
  • Your actions and choices impact the story. This touch element makes the game even more exciting and enjoyable.
  • This APK allows you to customize your character in any outfit you like.
  • It is complete with various ghosts, which makes Shota kun life miserable.
  • Tag after School offers a lot of puzzles to solve, which test players’ thinking capabilities.
  • The application offers hints and clues to the players so they can make informed decisions and progress in the game.
  • This application is available for Android and iOS devices, making it easily accessible.
  • Tag after School is an easy and convenient game. Players can enjoy it offline anytime, anywhere.
  • You will interact with various characters, and all of them have their strength and weakness. You need to act more wisely and be the strongest in the game.
  • This app has a simple interface that enables players to navigate the haunted School easily. Just swipe and tap to avoid the ghost.


Tag After School is a stunning puzzle game that offers Ayers an immersive and gaming experience. The simple interface, hints, and easy control system make the game accessible. Tag after School APK is compatible with most devices. Download the app now and explore Tag after School’s adventurous and haunted world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Tag after School secure to download on a smartphone?

Yes, it is the most secure app. Download it and enjoy the gameplay.

Who was the main character of the Tag after the school game?

Shota Kun is the main character. All gameplay revolves around him.

Can I play the Tag After School APK on iOS device?

Yes, you can play the game on your device.

Is c free to download, or do I need to pay?

It is 100% free to download, and you don’t need to pay any cost.

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