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OPL Game Utility is an Android application that offers thousands of games to users and allows them to convert game files from one format to another. This application will enable users to convert ISO games to UL forms. It also permits users to convert PS2 games to simple formats, and while using an OTG cable, you can transfer files to a hard drive or USB.

This APK aims to convert iOS files to Android without any subscription fee. It enables users to enjoy a wide variety of games on their Android devices without device storage issues. As the OPL utility minimizes the size, it further ensures a smooth and fun gaming experience.

What is OPL Game Utility?

OPL Game Utility is an app that converts various game files from iOS to Android. This APK allows users to convert files from ISO or BIN to Ul, BIN to ISO, and UL to ISO. It will enable you to convert your favourite games into an easier, simpler, and more convenient form and give you a chance to explore the high-potential gaming stuff.

In addition, OPL Game Utility allows users to edit, rename, and delete UL-listed games. This feature makes the gaming experience even smoother and better. Users can also edit the file name and delete unwanted files.

OPL game utility

Apart from this, this APK makes gamers’ lives more entertaining and enjoyable. This APK offers thousands of games and an option to convert game files. It brings entertainment, joy, and fun beyond the expectations of running annoying ads.

Features of OPL Game Utility:

OPL game utility has some remarkable features that make it stand out.

  • This APK serves its users with thousands of mind-blowing games that keep users entertained for hours.
  • It allows users to change the format of game files. Thus, it enables users to change the format from iOS to simple UL format, which smoothly runs on Android devices.
  • One of the stunning features is that it allows users to change file names and delete useless files at any time.
  • This APK does not support any annoying ads. Ensure a smoother and better gaming experience for players.
  • We provide you safe and risk-free OPL utility application. Your data is in a secure place.
  • The graphics are attractive and grab the attention of everyone. The simple interface further adds value to the gaming experience.


OPL game utility is becoming a favorite of everyone because of its exceptional features. It is a tool for converting game files from iOS to UL format supported by Android devices. With a simple and straightforward interface, this APK offers different games to users without charge. Further, it enables users to rename the files and delete unwanted files anytime.

If you want to enhance your gaming experience, you are in the right place. Download the OPL game utility APK now and explore its exceptional features without spending a penny.

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