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Litmatch APK is a free social app that connects people and encourages interaction among people. People can communicate with others through chat and audio calls.

This app is free to use and supports all Android smartphones. Do you want to make your new friends and spend leisure time with others? People worldwide use this app, install the Litmatch, and start communicating with others.

What is Litmatch APK?

Litmatch is a free social networking app designed to connect people worldwide and provide a platform to freely share thoughts, opinions, and perceptions.

Here, you first have to create your account and furnish your profile. You can upload a cute picture that highlights your interest and preference. The more your profile is attractive, the more you get a connection. Once your profile is setup, you can add friends that match your interests. The stunning thing is that Litmatch even suggests friends based on your profile.

Litmatch allows you to chat and do audio calls with friends. Remember that the free version only supports seven a 7-minute-long audio call. If you want to talk longer, add a premium Muston subscription. You can also create a group of friends to chat. You can add your friends and share your status, photos, videos, and other content without being judged. Additionally, you can talk with others in any language, and the built-in translator can translate the chat and ensure a smooth conversation. You will always encounter excellent and caring people there, so share your feelings, and you will receive warm wishes and have an emotional support system.

The interface of Litmatch APK is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to ensure an immersive and engaging experience. The easy navigation system furthers an extra layer of enjoyment. The eye-catching graphics and vibrant colours further add variety to the content.

Everything has loopholes; likewise, there are some limitations:

The free version only supports seven long audio calls and has limited features.

  • To enjoy long talks with friends charges you a lot, and Litmatch does not support video calls.
  • To eliminate these, you must buy Litmatch’s VIP membership plan.

Features of the Litmatch APK:

Litmatch is gaining everyone’s attention due to its remarkable features.

  • Litmatch allows users to connect with others all around the globe.
  • This APK enables users to chat through private messaging and audio calls.
  • Litmatch makes chat even more interesting through the group chat, where there is always someone to hear you.
  • It encourages you to share your inner talent with others through the digital party room
  • Chat confidently with your partner and express your feelings openly because your chat is end-to-end-to-end encrypted.
  • This app allows users to customize their avatar and attracts more eyes.
  • The attractive graphics, along with vibrant colours, give a pleasing experience.
  • Litmatch’s straightforward interface and easy navigation system make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Litmatch lets users send virtual gifts to their loved ones, such as flowers, bags, etc.
  • Litmatch has built-in translators that translate the chat into others’ native languages.
  • You can create a post and share it on your Litmatch profile.
  • The VIP Membership plan does not support the ads and allows you to talk longer with friends.
  • It is free to use and available for all Android smartphones.


Litmatch is a free social app designed to connect people with each other. This app allows users to chat with each other and provide an opportunity to share feelings and feel relieved. The features like easy navigation and a safe environment give an immersive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Litmatch app support video calls?

No, it doesn’t support video calls. You can chat by messaging and making audio calls.

Can I use Litmatch on an iOS device?

No, you can’t. It is not compatible with iOS.

Is this APK is free to use or not?

Yes, this APK is free to use and available on Android devices.

Can I chat with others in my native language?

Yes, Litmatch APK offers multiple languages. You can select your native language in the app without facing problems.

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