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College Brawl APK is a famous Android game that takes you back to your college days. It is set in a virtual college full of fun, action, and adventure. The storyline is exciting and immersive, keeping players engaged for hours.

The college brawl story revolves around college student life and involves many different scenarios. It includes events and fun; you will see most of the fighting scenes in the gameplay. Whether a seasonal player or a new one, you will like the college brawl. It is full of action, and you must take strategic action to win the game.

What is College Brawl APK?

College Brawl APK is a thrilling yet action game that is about a college student. The whole gameplay is set in a virtual college full of students, and the story is about a student named Kin who is fighting with a Red Kat gang for his friend.

The background story is about a famous, notorious gang named Red Kat, which is in college. It was like they wanted their dominance in the college, so they tortured others in every way possible. During this period, they also robbed Kin’s friend, Anko. When Kin heard about this, he started fighting with the Red Kat gang.

During gameplay, users encounter various tasks and battle scenes that require strategy and instant action. The gameplay is measured by a health bar called HP. HP decreases when a user gets damage, and the game is over when it reaches zero. Therefore, to win the game, users need to maintain their HP well.

To maintain a high HP, users eat healthy foods and purchase items like weapons during gameplay. They also always need to prepare for sudden attacks and battles. As the game progresses, the players become more competent and well-trained.

The College Brawl APK is everyone’s favorite. It allows students to relive their memorable college days. The setup, scenarios, and characters are designed carefully, providing an immersive experience for the players.

Apart from this, this APK is freely available, but the gameplay includes many purchase features, and it is not compatible with other devices except Android.

Features of College Brawl APK:

  • This APK provides an opportunity for users to refresh their college life.
  • The storyline is unique and engaging, complete with different scenarios and scenes.
  • This game fosters the essence of unity and cooperation among the players.
  • College brawl is full of challenging tasks, and we encourage players to participate in such activities to build users’ skills and strategic thinking.
  • It allows users to customize their character with different outfits and looks.
  • This game has various modes which engage players for hours and ensure an immersive experience.
  • This APK supports different languages and enables users to use it in their preferred language.
  • College Brawl APK is free to play and available on all Android devices.
  • This APK has a simple interface that helps players fight and take instant action.
  • An easy control system is essential to gaming. College Brawl has an easy control system that helps players play the game smoothly.


In short, College Brawl is a free Android game about a student who fights a notorious gang for his friends. The game contains various tasks, battles, races, and fights. Players need to take instant action to get victory in the game and complete all the tasks.

This game is thrilling, full of action & fun. It takes you back to your college old memories. If you like action games, College Brawl is the best choice. Download it and dive into the adventurous world of college brawl.

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