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Gaming industries make the players’ lives more exciting and engaging by bringing adventurous and action games. They recently came up with an Android-based detective game called Back Alley Tales. The game has a unique and captivating storyline around a security guard. Who worked to detect spy things and start investigating them.

If you enjoy spying and like to investigate things deeply, then you are at the right place. Enjoy the detective scene, that is full of curiosity at Back Alley Tales APK.

What is Back Alley Tales?

Back Alley Tales APK is a Android game with a remarkable storyline. This game is a mixture of entertainment and suspension. It strategically incorporates the detective element in the gameplay, creating an intense gaming environment full of curiosity and suspension.

The storyline revolves around a security guard, and you have to play the game as a guard who looks after doubtful things and crimes. When the player encounters something odd or unusual, they starts investigating it. He watches the camera footage and collects evidence.

The player continues investigating until he catches the criminals and brings them in front of the villagers. During the journey, the player encounters various unusual events and activities that keep him engaged for hours while interacting with different personalities at various locations.

Apart from this, Back Alley keeps you engaged with its stunning graphics. This APK offers an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience with high-quality pixel animations. Various personalities have different looks, clothes, and styles. In addition to this, you can enjoy the interactive game without the annoying ads on your Android device. The fantastic thing of this game is that Back Alley Tales is free to play.

Features of Back Alley Tales:

  • It has an immersive storyline around a security guard looking for criminals in the surrounding areas.
  • This game tests the cognitive skills of players and encourages players to engage in immersive gameplay.
  • This game is best for players who enjoy investigating and spying on things.
  • This game highlights many social aspects, like suspecting criminals and working together to bring crime to everyone.
  • This APK has high-quality aesthetic graphics, which ensure an entertaining and immersive gaming experience. You will experience a sharp and aesthetic visual.
  • Back Alley Tales allows you to interact with different characters, each with a different story, look, style, and clothing.
  • Almost 12 different locations and nearly 50 animations add variety to the gameplay.
  • This APK allows users to adjust their viewpoint. You can enjoy the gameplay with the zooming out and in feature.
  • Back Alley Tales does not support annoying ads and advertising that distract players from gameplay.
  • This app is free to use. You don’t need to pay for membership; you can enjoy it on all Android devices.


In conclusion, it is an interactive detective game that is available on all Android devices. Here, you must act as a security gaud and play the game. As a guard, you have to watch the camera footage, and if you find anything unusual, then investigate the events.

Back Alley Tales offers an attractive visual with unique characters to enjoy the gameplay at various locations. If you are a detector and love to investigate doubtful things, you are home to the Back Alley Taleteller, who will greet you with various suspense events.

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