If you already know of communication apps like Messenger (Facebook), Im Instant (Instagram), WhatsApp, … then TextNow is the same one. With the special features of a worldwide communication application that is free, TextNow is an application that you should use. Let’s see what utilities of TextNow have nothing interesting.

What is TextNow?

TextNow is an international calling and messaging service application with a cost of VND 0 in 230 countries. App uses WiFi or mobile networks (3G, 4G) for free messaging and calling. Users can sign up for app for free to get a new phone number according to the selected area code. You will use this phone number to send and receive unlimited messages.

TextNow also supports sending photo messages. Recipients do not need to use TextNow and can still receive messages like traditional SMS.

If you live in the US or Canada, you can make free calls to any phone number in either country. And if you want to call international numbers without advertising to interrupt the conversation then you will need to pay.

However, if you purchase TextNow’s international calling packages, then there may be valuable deals so you can always make calls to anywhere.

TextNow is currently available on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

textnow premium apk
App calling and message

Application interface

The application possesses a simple but eye-catching interface that can integrate contacts directly on the computer. TextNow’s interface is optimized for texting, so you’ll be more comfortable using it.

You will not have to spend too much time to learn all the features in the application.Therefore , You should update to new versions of TextNow to be able to use the more complete version of this application.

Features of Application

  • Make and receive voice calls.
  • Emoticons, stickers and gifs.
  • Full image messages: send, receive and save images.
  • Video message: Send video to your friends and family.
  • Transcribe voicemail: a copy of your voicemail.
  • Caller ID.
  • PassCode
  • Diverting calls.
  • Conference call.
  • Signature
  • Customize text – melody, ringtone and vibration.
  • Custom wallpaper.
  • Specify personal contacts own ringtones & background.
  • Home screen widget to launch TextNow, compose a new message or quickly make a call.
  • Unified inbox: send and receive text, SMS and GIF directly.
  • Turn your Wi-Fi enabled tablet into a phone.
  • Call elastic (call forwarding).
  • Google SmartLock: so no need to remember your password.

Pros and cons of Application

  • Advantages
    • Send messages and make international calls on computers, tablets or smartphones.
    • Using WiFi or mobile network: so it makes you not need to spend international roaming costs. For instance, You can take advantage of free WiFi everywhere to communicate with relatives.
    • Cheap international calls: TextNow supports cheap, high quality international calls in more than 230 countries. Therefore, you can view ads and share app services with friends for extra free minutes.
    • App can replace traditional paid calls.
  • Defect
    • TextNow is completely free for users in the US or Canada only.
    • Users are required to provide suppliers with various personal details before activation.
Premium APK MOD
APP free US or Canada

Features of App

  • Unlocked all premium features.
  • All ads have been deleted.
  • Making international calls and texting is absolutely free.

Configuration accordingly

  • Size 29M
  • Current version
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
  • Over 50,000,000 downloads, rated 4.4 / 5 stars
free app video call
Best app

We can say TextNow is a great application for international communication. You can use this app to connect with all your friends in over 230 countries, chat with loved ones everywhere without using fees. TextNow deserves a great connection application that you should use!

Instructions for downloading and installing : TextNow Premium Mod Apk


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