Android is an open operating system, so you can intervene from outside to the phone’s operating system. And root allows users to modify or replace system settings and applications, run applications that require administrative access, or perform other operations that normal Android users cannot access. into the,…

Root Android has a lot of uses. So what exactly is root? What are the root types? Let’s find out in this article.

What is ROOT Android
what is root android ?

Android Root concept

Rooting is a process that allows users of smartphones, tablets and other devices to run the operating system

What is ROOT Android ?

Rooting allows all user-installed applications to run commands that are usually not possible when the device is in root state. Rooting is often done to bypass the restrictions that carriers and hardware manufacturers put into devices. So root allows users to modify or replace system settings and applications, run applications that require administrative access, or perform other activities that normal Android users cannot. access to. On Android, rooting also allows complete removal and replacement of the device’s operating system, usually with a newer release of the current operating system.

The rooting process to perform more advanced actions and potentially harm the device, including: editing or deleting system files, removing pre-installed applications, and granting access. Low on hardware (reboot, control status lights, or touch input tweaks). The process of setting root rights usually installs the Superuser application, which monitors the applications that are granted root access or superuser rights by requesting permission from the user before granting access. Another operation, unlocking, is performed to remove or replace the current operating system.

rooting may interfere deeply with the hardware
rooting may interfere deeply with the hardware

Benefits of Root Android

  • Supports interface themes, allowing everything to be visually changed from battery icon color, to the boot image that appears when the phone is booting, and more.
  • Full control over the kernel, such as allowing acceleration and deceleration of CPU and GPU.
  • Full control of the application, including the ability to backup, restore or change applications, or remove bloatware that comes with multiple phones.
  • Customize automated system processes via third party applications.
  • The ability to install custom firmware (also known as custom ROM) or software (such as Xposed, Magisk, Busybox, etc.) to allow more control.
Change the look easily
Change the look easily

The most popular Android Root software

4.1 Kingo Android Root

Kingo Android Root is a cloud-based rooting tool, capable of finding the optimal root method for each device. The software is capable of rooting for many types of devices using the Android operating system with quite simple steps. The software is easy to use and completely free, it performs the automatic rooting process, after the rooting is complete, the device will automatically reboot. This is rated as the best automatic root app today with a success rate often higher than 60%.

4.2 Framaroot

Framaroot for Android is an Android mobile application that helps users conduct rooting without a computer.

4.3 SuperOneClick

As its name, SuperOneClick is the simplest rooting tool for some Android devices.

4.4 Mobogenie

Mobogenie is a root tool exclusively for Android with the latest games and applications completely free. Not only that, Mobogenie on your computer also helps you root your Android device. However, Mobogenie is a relatively complex software and contains many unwanted toolbar toolbar spyware, so after rooting the device successfully, users should find a way to clean the software before your computer goes down.

4.5 Towelroot

Towelroot is also a simple tool to root Android: just by installing this application on Android, then launching, you can root successfully. Unfortunately, towelroot only supports devices released before June 3, 2014. It also runs only on Android KitKat devices, and is not compatible with devices from Motorola and HTC.

4.6 CF Auto Root

CF Auto Root is designed to allow installation and activation of the SuperSU utility on your device, giving applications root access. Auto-root is primarily for Samsung smartphones, but it is also compatible with Google’s Nexus devices, as well as smartphones from Motorola.

Android Root software
Android Root software


Above is the necessary information about android root. If you want to use root for your phone then you first need to find out if that root-enabled application is right for your phone version. In order to root successfully and do new things with your phone.

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