Pokemon Masters is a mobile genre tactical game combining role-playing popular fans of the popular anime of this time. With realistic 3D graphics, sharp with cute Pokemon staging, surely this game will attract you at first sight. The task of the player in Pokemon Masters is very simple, they will become a coach to lead the team to join the fight with the opponent, quickly defeat all to become a talented Pokemon coach, famous at Pokemon World. Today, we will bring you a set of 3 strategies: level up, evolve and fight so you can achieve your goals in Pokemon as quickly as possible!

Pokemon masters apk
Pokemon Masters best game

Battle tactics in Pokemon Masters

In Pokemon Master, Rosa, Snivy, Servine and Serperior are the coaches you can pair to form a strong Sync Pair, these are the ace partners you shouldn’t overlook for your team. These are characters with strong abilities, they can learn other skills to enhance vitality when fighting, besides when they move, the energy bar will be filled so right then you have Can perform a decisive attack quickly. Not only that, when you combine Rosa and Snivy will improve the chances of winning because the duo knows what the opponent’s weaknesses and aim at attacking, from which will quickly end the match.

Pokemon masters apk
Rosa, Snivy, Servine and Serperior are the most powerful Sync Pair

Before you start a battle, the game will give you a clue about your opponent’s weaknesses to help you choose your team members. You can also select the “Area details” button to get more information, sometimes including the type of strategy your opponent can use. You will easily win in this tournament if you choose Pokemon that can exploit the opponent’s weaknesses into your team in that match.
If you are not sure which synchronous pair should be used to get the most powerful squad, you can use the “Optimize” button when you select your team so that the system will automatically select members to suit the tactics. and the ability to hit the opponent’s weak points. You can even let your team fight automatically by clicking the “Auto” button when the battle begins!
In Pokemon Masters there are some interesting settings that you can use in the match. If you select “Automatically” then the system will automatically switch to “Auto” mode if you do not manipulate it too long, then, your team will be able to automatically hit. We strongly recommend enabling the ordering of upcoming actions, as this makes it much easier to keep track of the game.

Tactical evolution in Pokemon Masters

You can evolve certain Sync Pair through Evolution! As you know, coaches are human so they cannot evolve but some Pokemon can evolve to higher levels to make the pairing much stronger.
The evolution of Pokemon in this game is very different from what the players imagine or know before. First, players will have to reach a certain level with their Sync Pair, usually level 30. When the player has reached level 30, they will receive a quest called Evolution Mission.
To successfully evolve Pokemon, the player must complete the aforementioned task. If Pokemon has a 3 evolutionary level, the player will have to continue to reach the new level cap. The evolutionary steps are as follows:
Step 1: Players reach the level to evolve.
Step 2: Players complete the Evolution Mission.
Step 3: The player wins the special match.
Step 4: Players evolve Pokemon.

Pokemon masters apk
To evolve requires a minimum of level 30

Before advancing to evolution, players will need some material to evolve. These materials will cost a certain amount, depending on the different items. When you have the necessary items, you will need to complete a special battle for Sync Pair and when participating in this battle requires an Evolution Crystal, always remember this when you need to evolve a Pokemon Masters . This special battle will be relatively difficult, especially if the Sync Pair is low-level, but the player must win to evolve a Pokemon in the Sync Pair. Most Pokemon in a Sync Pair have a final evolutionary step.

Strategy level up in Pokemon Masters

Whatever with a game, the level up will make you stronger, the objects will be richer and the stats will be higher. Leveling up in Pokemon Masters will give you an edge when fighting in the Training Area and Story Mode.

Pokemon masters apk
Level up for characters

Each coach will have a certain level limit. This limit is equivalent to the number of stars they have on their profile. Players can rely on this information (in Poryphone) to check and know which characters can increase and maximum level is how much. Specifically:

  • 3-star character: Maximum level is 90
  • 4-star character: The maximum level is 95
  • 5-star character: The maximum level is 100

Here we will reveal the level up in the most popular Pokemon Masters:
• Play the plot
Playing along the storyline and trying your best to win is the simplest and most basic way for players to gain a lot of EXP and level up. This score is not the same and will depend on many factors such as game mode, difficulty of the game, …

Pokemon masters apk
Playing in the plot is the most common way to level up

• Level up in the Trainning Area
You can only enter the Training Area when completing Chapter 2 in the storyline, this is a special gift that the developer wants to give persistent players because during the play, we see Chapter 2 as a long part. Best! When you finish this part, your skills and skills as well as the whole team have reached a certain level. Participating in the Training Area, will guide and help you get acquainted more and more about different fields. In particular, the missions in this mode will gradually increase from easy to difficult for players to keep up the pace.

Pokemon masters apk
Training Area

Another noteworthy point is: Here, you can participate in and perform various challenges. You can change the challenges to play less boring, but if you do repeat many times a challenge also, you will still receive the reward as usual!
• Join the Supercourse challenge
Supercourse Training will be a special feature, a challenge that really fits its name “super hard”. If you want to try your best, you can join, but we recommend you play only when you are strong enough. Because the missions of the Supercourse Training are several times more difficult than the Training Area or Story Mode.
The harder level also means that you will receive higher value rewards, more EXP points. However, we can only participate in performing these tasks up to 3 times / day. Play all your turns to improve experience and quickly level up!

Pokemon masters apk
Mission system in Pokemon Master’s Training Area

• Use the Level Guide
Leveling manuals are considered to be extremely valuable because they can give players a significant amount of experience points for themselves, which is extremely beneficial for the level up process. Players who have how many stars will receive the following amount of experience:

  • 1 star player: Get 100 EXP
  • 2-star player: Get 1500 EXP
  • 3-star player: Receive 5000 EXP
Pokemon masters apk
Book level 1 star in the game Pokemon Master

In addition, you can also try to complete the level up course, complete the main tasks and daily tasks so that you can get more experience points for your character.
With the tactics that we have outlined above but not quite new, but super cool and extremely useful for those who want to know more tips to play Pokemon Masters. Apply nagy to soon become the best Pokemon trainer! If you have any other tips, let us know so we can continue to share with others. Wish you always have fun gaming hours!


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