Top 10 mobile games below are the very prominent games, mobile gaming now has great developments and is dominated by the convenience that can be played anytime and anywhere that PC games cannot meet.

Mobile games are only for entertainment but for developers it is a potential gold mine with value never imagined.

1. Candy Crush Saga

Appeared in 2012, after 8 years the heat of this game has not diminished. It is simply a puzzle game like the legendary diamond game on PC, but with over one trillion levels, the difficulty increases gradually through each game screen

Top 1 – candy crush saga

With just swiping up, down, right, left, you need to switch and combine candies in this delicious puzzle adventure to pass the levels, giving you the feeling of sweet victory.

2. Roblox

The game Roblox is currently ranked 2nd worldwide in terms of revenue, so what is this game so cool? Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that allows players to create characters and can become anything they want.

Top 2 – roblox

Publisher Roblox game fully supports multiple platforms, you can play with friends and millions of other people on computers, mobile devices, Xbox One or VR virtual reality glasses. As a result, the game experience is not limited but very diverse and interesting.

3. Toon Blast

On the ranking of mobile game revenue, puzzle games always prevail. After Candy Crush Saga, Toon Blast also makes the world wobbly because the cute cartoon interface takes you back to the colorful childhood!

Toon Blast promises to bring you moments of entertainment entertainment, interesting. Entering the game you seem to be lost in the fairy world with the cat Cooper, your wolf Wally and brown bear Bruno and together puzzle to overcome difficult challenges!

classic game genre but still full of appeal
classic game genre but still full of appeal

Each round of victory, the whole group of friends will be traveling to the magical lands of this beautiful World.

4. Clash of Clans

In the top 10 mobile games indispensable Clash of Clans is the most attractive empire strategy game with multi-platform support. You will play as Captain to train soldiers, build your village growing stronger.

With a rich mission system, you need to complete it to level up to build a mighty empire for yourself.

In particular, with beautiful graphics, endless in-game space with new and interesting tactics compared to other games of the same genre, you will definitely be fascinated.

Very famous game in the world
Very famous game in the world

5. Pokémon Go

Inspired by the legendary Japanese anime with the 8x, 9x generation, developer: Niantic has released the Pokémon Go game, causing global online community fever since its launch.

At that time, when you were out on the road, it was easy to catch people holding their smartphones around the streets to hunt for extremely cute childhood Pokémon.

How to play the game is very simple, first when starting the game, you must allow the application to access your location to update the travel route. You have to move to hunt down the beasts, when approaching, throw the ball to win them, get richer than your treasure.

You can completely team up and declare war at the Gym points on the map. Download now to go and collect cute Pokémon right away!

Attractive game to play while being active
Attractive game to play while being active

6. PUBG Mobile

Ranked 6th in the top 10 mobile games, during the past 2 years, the online community has not cooled down with the survival strategy game PUBG Mobile, the name right after its release has been sitting on the charts of top 5 good games, top revenue. without ever being compromised

You will join the game with 99 other gamers, all parachuting on a deserted island to fight hard in the battle of survival.

Over time, the circle will shrink and you will need to quickly run into it to continue living. To do this, during the run you have to take advantage of collecting guns and equipment, fighting with other players and using every strategy you have to be able to become the last survivor and win.

best action game mobile
best action game mobile

7. Gardenscapes

Since 2018, mobile games have transformed themselves with the combined game storming all fronts and Gardenscapes is the most prominent name among them.

You will enter the game as the owner of an abandoned garden for a long time, accompanied by your friend Austin butler and super funny dog. Your task is to go through the puzzle screen to find objects that will help you restore the garden back to the glorious, splendid status quo.

Become the real butler
Become the real butler

8. Homescapes

Can tell you Homescapes is one of the top 10 mobile games is an extremely hot combination game from developer Playrix – the father of Gardenscapes and Township. Although born after childbirth, the stability of the top is not inferior to any veteran names!

This time, the player will become Austin’s butler – who is tasked with bringing warmth and comfort back to the owner ‘s mansion.

With a series of unforeseen problems that can occur, you need to pass the puzzle screen to collect items used in renovating and decorating each room, you can effortlessly design every things like your house.

You can refer to and download the game here: Gardenscapes APK (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Stars) – APKSTORE

Top 8 game mobile
Top 8 game mobile

9. Coin Master

Have you ever thought that you will become a talented leader leading the soldiers to defeat the enemy to become invincible or not, if you’ve ever dreamed, come immediately to Coin Master to do something. Right there!

The gameplay is similar to the game that wobbles every Pirates King website, you will play the role of pirate leader and go to attack the surrounding villages, gain wealth and focus on building your village to become the most powerful. .

The new point of Coin Master is that you need to focus on collecting all the cards, because with this game, not always money, treasure is first! Quickly collect cards to complete the deck and proceed to the next village.

Top 10 mobile games - Coin master
Top 10 mobile games – Coin master

10. Slotomania™ Online Vegas Slots

The last name in today’s top 10 mobile games is the most popular Free Slot Casino online game in the world!

You can enjoy the most famous free online casino games in just one app!

With this game, you can experience completely free gambling games at Vegas-style super special online casino with over 14 million other players present at the casino lobby!

With over 160 casion games via the traditional visual system, eye-catching with simple gameplay, you can become a Billionaire now if you become the winner! Try it now.

join casino
join casino

In conclusion , With the top 10 mobile games titles in the revenue rankings, we hope that you can find the right choice for relaxing and solving moments. the most comfortable and fun! Experience now and share with us!


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