Android Faster maybe ? Although the platform is easy to use, after a period of use, the device will be much slower, frozen and annoying and irritating. With the ways we are tips and tricks to share below, surely your Android phone will quickly rush like new only!

Uninstall unused applications

Perhaps you are always proud of your phone has super huge memory capacity and loads of unnecessary applications. This makes the device slow down, so to speed up, the easiest is to remove these applications from the device.

To do that, you need to go to Settings and select Applications, a list of existing applications on the computer will appear and you select the unused application and remove offline! Or long press on the icon of the application on the main screen, then a dialog box will appear and select “Uninstall” to remove the application!

Android Faster 2020
Uninstall App

Use the garbage removal software to Android Faster

Sometimes you will wonder why the computer suddenly runs out of memory, probably because the application has long had junk files stored on the machine. This also makes the device slow like a turtle.

Therefore,the specialized garbage-cleaning applications that came out, the name we recommend for you is CCleaner – it will help you clean this technology up quickly, return smooth operation. just like using it!

Android Faster 2020
CClean for android

Refer to the following article to download the application: CCleaner Pro for Android

Reduce motion effects

This way you probably think it won’t work, it’s not. Although this is only a reduction of effects, this way makes your computer speed up faster than current by reducing the waiting time to switch between frames.

To do, activate Developer Options mode by going to Settings, go to About phone and press 7 times under Version number. Then go to Developer Options and reduce the animation ratio to 0.0x or 0.5x.

Android Faster 2020
Animation Scale

Regularly update the new operating system version to Android Faster

Surely you will always be surprised by always thinking that updating to the latest version will take up a lot of space and slow down the device. But this view is completely wrong!

With the new version, all vulnerabilities have been fixed, security has been improved and applications have been optimized, so the device will run faster. So please update it quickly!

Android Faster 2020
update new version android

Limit the use of third-party launchers

You always love using third-party launchers because the variety is so aesthetically pleasing. However, these launchers often come with other applications, so they are very heavy and slow down the device. So the best way is to use the interface available in the device or use the lightest, most optimal launcher!

Do not use launch
Do not use launch

Turn off dynamic wallpapers and unnecessary widgets

For those of you who always want a beautiful machine, you will often choose dynamic wallpapers and widgets, but this will make your device extremely slow and even consume battery. Of course, when using a phone, people love speed rather than beauty. Turn it off now to help speed up your device!

Turn off dynamic wallpapers
Turn off dynamic wallpapers

Use shortened application, instead to Android Faster

In a mobile device, the thing that takes up the most memory and causing the slowest device is the Photos section, followed by Facebook, Games and music applications. And if you have an application that can access all of them instead of having to download the app completely, it would be great.

That’s a web browser, download Google Chrome and remove Facebook, Zing MP3, Nhaccuatui right away because with one application we can do it all. Doing so your device will be accelerated quickly, clearly!

shortened application
shortened application

Factory reset

This is the last option if you have tried the solutions we have given above are not working. To do so, select Settings, press Backup & reset and select the Reset original data item.

Although the most optimal, but this is also the method with the biggest drawback, that is, you will lose all the data installed in the machine from use to now. Back up your important data to your computer, sync your contacts via your Google account, back up call logs and messages with SMS Backup & Restore, …

With this method of recovering original data , your device will return to its original point when used, great!

Factory Reset Android
Factory Reset Android


Do not replace your new phone just because the device is too slow, slow as the turtle crawling speed. Follow the methods we shared above to get a smooth, fast speed like when you first met, extremely effective! Good luck!


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