Super Sniper MOD Apk is a very good suggestion for you. The main content is sniper, besides the game also offers challenges that force you to think about where to shoot to get the most gold coins.

In this article we will introduce you the information about Super Sniper game so that you can understand the content as well as how to play the game, how to download and install as well as the Mod version of the game.

Super Sniper MOD Apk
Super Sniper MOD Apk

Introduce the game

Super Sniper! is an action game released by VOODOO. The game allows players to snipe by looking and aiming at the object, then shoot and kill the target.

However, the game does not stop at simply aiming and shooting, but also requires the player to think about which objects to shoot to easily destroy the targets at the same time to be able to receive a lot of money. possible.

Currently the game is being released for free on two phone platforms, Android and iOS.

Super Sniper MOD APK game content

Super Sniper Having content that is not too complicated. The game revolves around the player will aim and base how to hit the object and collect gold coins, complete the mission and move to the next level.

Simple but challenging game content
Simple but challenging game content

Graphics, sound

The game’s graphics are nothing special, the goals, objects are made up of temporary shapes and colors. But the downside of the game is that the game does not have sound, which will lead to the player will be bored when playing Super Sniper!

Instructions for downloading and installing

Currently the game It has been released for free on Google Play and the App Store, so you can choose to download the original version of the game.

However, when using the original you will encounter a lot of ads that interrupt the playing process and the amount of gold you earn is very little, so try to use the Super Sniper Mod Apk to be able to experience the game in the most comprehensive way.

The steps to install the Mod Apk version are as follows:

Step 1

Download the Super Sniper MOD APK file link below on your phone.

download file apk link below
download file apk link below

Step 2

Open the downloaded file and click to install. If you are denied installation, go to settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On. Then install the file.

unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 3

Wait for the installation process. After installation, the application will appear on the phone screen and you can start playing the game immediately.

How to play the game

To play the Super Sniper! Mod Apk, you just need to click on the sniper gun, then the viewfinder will appear. You need to move so that the center of the viewfinder coincides with the beginning of the target to destroy in a single shot.

In the case of multiple targets, you need to look around them for heavy objects that can crush the target, aim at the pillars to drop heavy objects, and also destroy the target. pepper.

Super Sniper MOD Apk feature

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock new weapons
  • Remove ads
Download the Mod version to enjoy the most complete game
Download the Mod version to enjoy the most complete game

Proper configuration

  • Current version: 1.7.3
  • Application size: 70MB
  • Requires Android 4.4 and above


To rate the game Super Sniper! It can be said that this is a game not too attractive for players if they are people who like games with sound. But in return if you like action games using sniper rifle then Super Sniper! would be a pretty great option.

If you want to try this game, download Super Sniper! Game Mod Apk to play by the original version will cause obstacles that you do not want to play the game anymore because of a lot of advertising. Game will be a perfect version for you


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