Stardew Valley will be a game you should try if you are bored of the survival shooting, fighting RPG. This is an RPG farm game, with many fascinating missions that will definitely give you a new game feeling. If you want to experience game then this article will give you some instructions for playing the game.

If you have not installed the game can refer to the following article : Introduction, guide download and install Stardew Valley APK

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Stardew Valley game play

Stardew Valley APK has something special

Stardew Valley APK is a game similar to the Harvest Moon game. In the game you will play the role of the main character, then go to the farm in Stardew Valley (the legacy of the grandfather left for the main character).

Here you will continue to cultivate and build your farm, besides you have to complete other social tasks such as getting married, … in order to receive money and rewards, then use Use the money to expand your farm.

You can grow vegetables, wheat, potatoes or other flowers on your farm, raise animals, etc.There are a lot of farming activities in the game so you can become A real farmer.

Stardew Tip and Trick
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Features of Stardew Valley APK

  • Easy access and satisfaction with the wonderful village life.
    -Customize your farmer and home.
  • Raise and breed animals, plant a variety of seasonal crops, and design your farm your way.
  • Turn your overgrown fields into a lively and prosperous farm.
  • Explore vast, mysterious caves, encounter dangerous monsters and valuable treasures.
  • Solve and start a family with 12 potential marriage candidates.
  • Become part of the community by participating in seasonal festivals and villagers’ missions.
  • Spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the local fishing spots or a seaside stroll.
  • Play the game your way with a variety of control options, such as touch screen, virtual joystick and external controller support.
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Instructions to play Stardew Valley APK

  • Let’s start! Starting the game you need to choose the character that you want to role-play. You then need to name the character and farm model you want to build. Complete the above so you can now begin to enter the world of Stardew Valley APK.
  • The game uses a simple calendar, each year has only four months, 28 days representing each season. Specific ways of playing:
  • After waking you need to “reclaim” your farm by cutting trees. Then hoe, sow seeds and plant trees and then look for villagers to do the tasks in the game. Characters in the game use energy to be able to operate, to increase the energy you can harvest wildflowers. Use 1 day energy to work, grow trees, go shopping, visit neighbors’ houses, … and to complete tasks and receive rewards. The game has a rule of day and night, so when night comes, the character is almost out of energy, you need to let your character go home to rest. The next morning the energy will be automatically recovered, continue the new day.
  • Fishing and selling to earn the first coins. You need to go to the harbor to fish, fishing rods will be given to new people. After fishing, depending on its size, the price will be determined by how many cents. For example, a 1 inch long fish will receive 30 cents.
    How to play game is extremely simple because the game will guide you all the gig you need to do to build your farm. You only need to follow the mission requirements every day to receive a bonus. A day in the game only lasts for about 3-4 minutes, so to play 1 month (28 days), it will take you more than 1 hour to complete 1 month of the year.
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Stardew Valley tip & trick.

Tip & Trick playing Stardew Valley APK to become a farm tycoon.

  • Choose good seedlings to plant.
  • Seasonal planning.
  • Stardew Valley playing guide – Building Silo tower before mowing the lawn.
  • Bring food down the mines.
  • Improving watering is important.
Stardew Valley Tip and Trick
Stardew Valley tips


We can say Stardew Valley APK is a farm game worth to play because it brings a lot of interesting things integrated in this game. The special element of the game is probably that you are playing the role, completely different from the famous farm games like Hay Day, Little Farm, … So Stardew Valley APK is worth your experience. !


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