RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk is an RPG game released by Plarium Games in 2018. Entering the world of game, you will immerse yourself in the legendary world, the highlight of the game is the The battle takes place step by step, marking each hero you will carry out the attack.

Currently the game has been released on Google Play and App Store, attracting tens of millions of downloads, in this article we will introduce and guide you how to download and install the game RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk.

RAID Shadow Legends MOD APK
RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk

Introducing the game

RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk is primarily a story-driven single-player campaign with twelve levels, each level is made up of seven stages with three levels of difficulty. Single player campaign connected to a multiplayer component to determine player rankings:

  • Campaign Mode is the mode in which you play the story. Taking out all enemies one by one, you will confront the bosses at the end of each chapter. This mode allows you to explore the whole world of Teleria.
  • In addition, the game also has many other attractive modes such as Dungeons, Faction Wars, Arena, Guild War. In Arena, you will face other online players around the globe. Beat them and win high rankings.
The story of the game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Teleria
The story of the game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Teleria

The story of the game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Teleria, which has been conquered by the Dark Lord Siroth. The player plays an ancient Telerian warrior who revived to defeat the Dark Lord and restore peace and peace to the territory.

Players must assemble an army for battles in settings such as castles, dungeons, deserts and temples protected by enemies and allies possible.

Throughout the game, players accumulate Fragments, ships containing the souls of past warriors. Pieces have four types with different properties.

Game content

RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk is a turn-based RPG game where players can control a group of legendary heroes and use them to save the planet Teleria from destruction (you can recruited over a hundred different heroes, belonging to sixteen separate clans).

To achieve this, players will have to go through dozens of different locations, through which an epic storyline will gradually be opened. To save Teleria, you will recruit legendary warriors from the forces of Light and Shadow. You must train these champions to fight together, making them a living weapon.

The path to victory will appear if you master the strategies to defeat dozens of boss battles, kill dragons and crush opponents in the PVP Arena.

compelling game content. depth
compelling game content. depth

Style play

In RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk, the first thing you need to do is build a squad of heroes in the game. After that, you will confront the warriors of Lord Siroth (equal number).

This is a turn-based fighting game, so you do not need to control the character too much like the usual role-playing games. Your task is to select the skills of each character and then select the object, your character will automatically attack that object.

Players will not perform the main task as other role-playing games, but instead they will have to conquer the challenge with 12 locations on the PVE campaign map to collect many valuable items, serving for Develop strong squad.

RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk
RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk

Graphics, sound

  • Graphics of RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk is a factor that makes the game a lot of people pay attention. The world of Teleria in the game is extremely impressive and vast; The characters are meticulously designed, especially the details displayed on the faces of the characters.
  • Impressive sound in the game, background music with a heroic melody, the sound of weapons creating life for the battle. Especially the voiceover for each character.

Instructions for downloading and installing

You can download the original version of the game from Google Play or the App Store, to download the RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk version, follow these steps:

Step 1

Download the RAID: Shadow Legends MOD APK file link below to your phone.

download file apk link below
download file apk link below

Step 2

Install game just downloaded. If you have never downloaded the Apk version then go to Settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On.

unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 3

Wait for the installation process to finish. You can experience the game RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk on your phone with a lot of interesting things coming from the Mod version.

MOD feature

RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk version retains the basic features of the game, but it will free all the things you have to pay to buy in the game:

  • Use high quality weapons for free.
  • Use premium avatars for free.
  • Unlimited money and gems.
  • No energy limit.
  • Unlock all characters.

Configuration accordingly

  • Current version: 1.15.5
  • Game size: 77M
  • Requires Android 5.0 and above
  • Hit 4.2 / 5 stars

How to use RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk

After you’ve downloaded and installed RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk to your phone, to start playing the game, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Champion to select a champion. You should choose General Kael or Athel.
  • To upgrade a champion to a Champion, select a champion to upgrade, then Upgrade rank to upgrade. The same goes for Skill upgrades.
  • Choose Battle -> Choose campaign mode Campaign Map -> Choose Kaerok Castle -> Choose game mode. You have to fight from match 1 before you can play the next match.
  • Select Auto for the generals automatically compete with opponents.
  • Collect blue stones when you log into the game daily.
RAID Shadow Legends MOD APK
RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk

The features of the game

  • Detailed tactical gameplay: Upgrade to unleash special skills, epic wide area attacks, healing abilities, etc. and directing RPG battles.
  • Fighting side by side: No hero is alone. Combine with thousands of other players in clan battles and slay demons to collect loot, rare champions, etc. In order for your command to transcend everything, you must join forces to fight together.
  • Massive story PVE campaign: Experience the mysterious world through 12 breathtaking maps with fully voiced storylines. From excellent scripting to hand-painted masterpieces and motion simulation graphics, immerse yourself in a lifelike world.
  • Epic boss fights: Destroy countless hard bosses for loot, experience points, and special Champions! Defeat the fearsome dragons, summon wizards, monsters and beasts – then continue to defeat them for more powerful equipment.
  • PvP Arena: Two teams participate – one winner.Winning the highest rank in the arena will also accelerate your progress in Raid’s PVE campaign and dungeon conquests, providing one of the best combinations between PVE and PVP gameplay in the game.
The combat system is very diverse
The combat system is very diverse
  • Unique RPG customization: Choose from millions of directions to upgrade different skills and equip artifacts for your warriors. Full control over each champion’s attributes, strengths and weaknesses like the best traditional RPGs.
  • Collect generals: Collect hundreds of heroes from 16 character branches. Gather a balanced team of wizards, animal wizards, zombies, knights, goblins, etc. To defeat your enemies – then recruit them on your side!
  • Stunning 3D masterpiece: Captivating heroes in full 3D format with overwhelming detail to every crack in the armor. Watch them fight in vivid environments with thousands of unique skills and attacks.
  • Auto mode: The automatic mode helps you save time plowing hoes and more time exploring Teleria. You don’t want to kill that dragon yourself to the 100th time? Let the game do it for you.


Above is the information about the game RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk that you need to know before downloading the game to your phone to play. It can be said that this is a very attractive role-playing game, which will surely make you satisfied when experiencing.

With the Mod version, you will easily win against any opponent in the game. So instead of choosing the original game, you can download and install RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk to enjoy the game in the best way.


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