Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Have you ever played Pokemon GO! not yet? If you once tried playing Pokemon GO! then getting started playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is completely easy for you. However, two different games should have their own characteristics, so in this article we will show you how to play the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game and evaluate its pros and cons.

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Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Overview of gameplay

After creating a game account, the player will choose an avatar, and their position in the game will depend on the physical location of the device in real life. After that, players will go around the area where they live to find and capture magic creatures, as well as go to the inns (to add magic power), greenhouses (to get materials medicine) and forts (to fight with more creatures).

As players move in the real world surroundings, their avatars move in the corresponding map of the game.

Instructions for setting up the game

Step 1

First, to be able to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you need to download the game to your mobile phone. Very simple, you just need to go to Google Play if you use Android and App Store if you use iPhone. Search and download games to your computer and install.

Step 2

Open the game, the screen will appear the first interface, you need to touch the screen and wait a few seconds. If you are a new player, you need to declare your date of birth, then click “Submit” to continue.

Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
you need to declare your date of birth

Step 3

Use your Google or Facebook account to log in to the game. Then allow the game to use GPS positioning on samrtphone. Click “Allow” -> “Allow”.

Pros and Cons Harry Potter
Allow GPS

Step 4

Click “Accept” to agree with the terms of use of the game. Then click “OK” -> “Next” to complete the installation process and game setup.

Accept to agree with the terms
Accept to agree with the terms

Step 5

Enter a full name for the game, then click “Next” and create an account in the game. This will be the character name displayed in the game. Then click “Confirm” to confirm.

Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Enter a full name for the game

Instructions to play the game

  • When entering the game, you will see points such as the Blue House, the Inn and the Fort based on real locations around you. Also you can see icons with many different colors and shapes. When clicking on Traces, you will open the screen to fight the enemy or rescue certain characters and participate in your first battle.
  • When starting on Traces, you will be directed to film the camera to the area where the character called Confoundables is there with three stars with the word TAP. Move the 3 stars in the middle of the character and click to start playing.
  • Immediately there will be a blue and white icon on the screen, you must draw this icon according to the instructions by starting with a circle and ending with an arrow. Note that you must draw fast to be able to rescue Confoundables. Upon completion you will receive rewards and experience points.
Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

A few places you need to note

  • Fortresses HPWU Tower (Fortress Tower)
    • This is considered a challenging place for gamers because in the Fort there are many dangerous enemies controlled by AI. Each Fortress has up to 20 floors and the difficulty increases gradually on each floor, some floors even require level. You can invite 4 more friends to play with you (1 team has 5 people).
    • To enter the Fortress and fight, you will need Runicles, in addition you will also need many Runestones to enter different levels. Runicles can be found via quests and find Foundables on the map.
    • To defeat floors in the Fortress, you need to defeat all the enemies there before the time allotted. If you run out of time, or run out of blood in battle, you and your team will lose. The way to fight is still to draw in the direction of the arrow but it will be a little harder.
  • Inns Harry Potter (Inn)
    • These are small buildings with colors such as brown, pink, green, … want to go to Inn, you have to go nearby and touch them.
    • Once in the Inn, you will draw a picture again according to the instructions to activate the Inn. The system will then select a random dish. When you open the lid, you will be rewarded with a reward of Spell Energy. Spell Energy is the main resource you need to be able to use magic. These Inns correspond to the real locations, you can click on it to see what the Inn is.
  • Magizoologists Harry Potter: Wizard Unite
    You will have 3 options for three different magic professions when you reach a certain level (usually level 6). You can choose the Light God (Auror), Magizoologists or Professor – Each career will give you unique skills and abilities in your journey.
    Auror: Has the highest ability to deal damage in the game but does not have many defenses or magical support. Auror fights against the dark enemy (Dark Forces) most effectively.
Diverse systems, many methods
Diverse systems, many methods
  • Magizoologist: This is a strong job of protection, possessing high HP and strong magic support. Magizooologist excels in fighting monsters (Beats).
  • Professor: This is a hybrid class between one of the two professions mentioned above. Professor is best suited against curiosities.
  • Potions feature
    You must reach level 4 before you can unlock the Potions feature to dispense medicine. To create a Potions, you need different components. You can find components for Potions around the map as you play. There are components you can pick up while walking around the map, there are also components you need to do quests to have. Or simply use the money to buy the rest. Each Potions created will have a different effect, such as improving the ability to use magic, gain experience, restore health … Please store and use appropriately in all cases.
  • The following will be the analysis of pros and cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

  • Pros
    • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a similar game with Pokemon GO in that the player will have to move, go out to interact with the area he stands, helping players move rather than sit in the same place as other games.
    • Players can use magic as characters in Harry Potter.
    • See the mysterious characters from the Harry Potter books.
    • Choose the witch house, wand and profession.
  • Cons
    • Complex RPG system, requiring players to select a character class, unlock large-scale skill trees with the rewards received.
    • Orthodox battles (both in fortresses and regular maps but rarer) repetitive attacks and defensive spells to win, which is boring for players.
Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


In short, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a game with a gameplay similar to Pokemon Go. Therefore, for those who love the film, surely Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be an interesting game, but for those who are not very interested in the movie but only interested in the game is interesting or not.

Above is the article on the pros and cons of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, how do you feel, leave comments below


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