Mortal Kombat X MOD APK is the tenth version of the NetherRealm Studios Mortal Kombat series of fighting games by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released, a sequel to 2011’s Mortal Kombat.

Following the great success of the game, the publisher has always made changes to the game to be more polished in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay, adding many new features to complete the game and bring it to people. Play more interesting experiences.

In this article we will introduce you to information about Mortal Kombat X, instructions for downloading and installing the game mod as well as giving tips & tricks for you to easily win.

Mortal Kombat X MOD Apk
Mortal Kombat X MOD APK

Introducing the game

In the gaming market, when it comes to fighting games, Mortal Kombat has always been one of the prominent names, so when Mortal Kombat X MOD Apk was released, it received a lot of attention, now the game has been put more. 50 million downloads on Google Play.

Mortal Kombat X is extremely antagonistic, using violent fighting scenes but extremely beautiful. The techniques, pads in the game are equipped with a variety, superior to other conventional fighting games.

The game is being released for free on Google Play and the App Store, but it will not have many annoying ads, so we recommend using Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk.

Classic game for many years
Classic game for many years

Game content

In a fighting game, you will control a character to fight other characters in 1vs1 battles.

The game allows you to develop and customize the character, making the battle more surprising because you can hardly guess what style the opponent is playing. It creates a bit more mystery and tactical calculation, not just focusing on fighting alone.

The game is quite fast-paced, continuous attacks, tit-for-tat between the two gladiators, making it impossible to take your eyes off your phone. Just one mistake, you can be killed by the opponent at any time.

3v3 mode: Not only solo matches, in this version, you can build a squad of the three strongest gladiators and take them to fierce battles to compete for gold, experience to upgrade Your characters become stronger. This is the latest mode of this game, promising to bring many surprises to the player.

Mortal Kombat X MOD Apk
Mortal Kombat X MOD APK

Graphics, sound

Mortal Kombat X possesses excellent graphics. The game has a violent style with realistic scenes depicted, players can see the violence from the character’s blows, a powerful punch that causes the two sides to bleed, break their heads or tear their bodies The opponent splits in half.

Interwoven with the match is the slow-motion video for you to enjoy every detail of the game’s impressive graphics. In addition, the characters are meticulously shaped, the battlefield is created by dark tones, creating a magical scene.

Mod feature

  • Unlocked full money, full coins, comfortable upgrade terrible characters.
  • Real AI.
  • Ability to recover quickly.
  • Joypad moves smoothly.
  • Update MK11 Sub-Zero.
  • Collect MK11 Sub-Zero through upcoming Faction War season rewards and MK11 Diamond Package.
  • Fix bugs to speed up the game.
  • Optimized for each type of chip.

Instructions for downloading and installing

Step 1

Download the Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk + OBB file link below.

download file apk and obb link below
download file apk and obb link below

Step 2

Open the downloaded file and click to install. If you are denied installation, go to settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On. Then install the file.

unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 3

Wait for the installation process. After installation is complete, the application will appear on the phone screen and you can start playing.

How to play the game?

If you are a beginner, “introductory” Mortal Kombat X, you will be instructed how to play, manipulation attacks, defenses to get acquainted. After completing the training, you will be given a name for your character, then select Accept to confirm.

Then choose different game modes such as Battle Mode – Single player, Faction Wars – Team play, Quest Mode – Tower climbing mode, choose 1vs1 or 3vs3 match then enter the game right away.

Configuration accordingly

  • Current version: 2.6.0
  • Game size: 1G
  • Requires Android 4.0 and above
  • A rating of 4.2 / 5 stars
  • Downloads 50,000,000+

Tips & Trick

  • Double the damage with special moves
    When you see the skull icon in the upper left corner of the screen becomes shiny. Remember to use special techniques by touching multiple times or swipe quickly. It will cause a huge amount of damage to your opponent.
  • Defensive after launching Combo
    You have just launched a series of hits on your opponent, causing serious damage to the opponent, it seems that the opponent is weak but be careful, the opponent can take advantage of your loophole to launch Make a quick counterattack. Therefore, be careful when launching combos to avoid opponent counterattack offline.
tips and tricks
tips and tricks


Above is the information about the game Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk, can be considered as a game that contains many violent scenes but it is extremely attractive to gamers who love fighting games.

This will be a great choice for you if you are looking for a game that takes you into dramatic battles, then download the Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk version to get the best gaming experience.


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