Merge Dragon MOD Apk are dragons with cute shapes and you will become a trainer of them into a herd of pets, on a dragon island of your own.

In this article we will introduce you all the necessary information from the download and installation, how to play, tactics and features of the Mod game version.

Merge Dragon MOD Apk
Merge Dragon MOD Apk

Introducing the game

Merge Dragon is a puzzle game released by Gram Games. Merge Dragon will take you into the world of dragons, where you must perform tasks to revive the devastated dragon world, bring that world to the golden age and you will become a League hero. save the land of Dragonia.

Currently Merge Dragon game has been released on two major phone platforms, Android and iOS, completely free, so you can choose to download the original version to your phone or download Merge Dragon Mod Apk version to have More interesting experiences.

Create your own world
Create your own world

Game content

Thousands of years ago, Dragonia was a magical valley hidden behind clouds. Here, dragons live happily with other creatures. Suddenly one day, the evil Zomblins destroyed the valley, turning it into separated lands.

Your mission is to rebuild Dragonia using magic and revive the creatures of the valley – dragons, dragon eggs, trees, flowers, statues of Gaia, legendary creatures. When you enter the world called Dragonia, you will have your power.

You will have to make a long journey, travel through many other lands to rescue creatures such as dragons, plants, stars and find hidden treasures in secret gardens protected by statues of Gaia.

Become a dragon master
Become a dragon master

Graphics, sound

Merge Dragon owns 3D graphics in an extremely cute cartoon style, bright colors and vivid images, trees, landscapes of the Dragonia valley are meticulously designed to create a wonderland in ancient times. product.

Funny sounds suitable for the game, will certainly appeal to the audience is children but does not make adults feel bored.

Merge Dragon MOD APK feature

  • Free shopping.
  • Unlimited gold coins.
  • Unlimited gems.

Instructions to download and install Merge Dragon Mod Apk

Step 1

Download the Merge Dragon Mod Apk file link below to your phone.

Merge Dragon MOD Apk
download file link below

Step 2

Install the downloaded file. If you have problems go to Settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On.

unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 3

Wait for the installation process to complete, then you can enjoy the game immediately.

How to use Merge Dragons Mod Apk?

Merge Dragons has a very simple and easy to understand game, suitable for everyone, including children. How to play the game is also very simple:

  • Match three materials of the same type to evolve, such as grafting three trunks to form an ancient tree, three dragon eggs to create a dragon. You can then merge three dragons to create a bigger dragon, three flowering trees to create a bigger flowering tree.
  • The dragons on the map work to bring light to the land of darkness. You need to light up the dark land first before you can pair the dragons because you can’t pair and move the creatures in the dark land.
  • To rescue the land, you need to connect the dragon eggs to spawn baby dragons, connect the bushes to create flowers. Dragons will fly to flowers and bring hearts to help rescue the gray lands. Keep going like that until all the lands are alive again, there is no gray matter and all the living creatures connected to their positions means you’re done.
  • After successfully rescuing a land, you will receive many rewards such as gold coins and open seals of dragons, plants and new creatures. If you are lucky, you will also find treasure with many attractive rewards.
how to use game
how to use game

Tricks to victory

  • Combining 5: normally players will combine 3 same things to form something bigger, but when combining 5 things, you will get a lot better results. If you’re looking to develop things to the best of their ability, try to combine the five, whenever you can.
  • Combining essences: you can exploit the essence of life and combine it to create effective healing powers.
  • Combine objects on the dead land: if you want to quickly revive the dead land, you can combine the objects on it to heal immediately. This is a great way to open more land to the garden in your camp.
  • Use dragons: you can move dragons onto things to use them or destroy them. If you put a dragon on a flower of life, it will extract the essence of life from the flower or you can use them to destroy caves and other things in the game.
  • Using high-class fruit trees: not only produce fruit, high-class fruit trees also produce flower sprouts. You can use sprouts to grow into flowers and gather the essence of life from them with your dragons.
Merge Dragons Mod Apk
Merge Dragons Mod Apk

Configuration accordingly

  • Current version 4.11.0
  • Game size: 126MB
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Rating: 4.6 / 5 stars
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+


Can be assessed, Merge Dragons Mod Apk addictive by the attractive rewards after each level and make players curious, want to know the shape of the creatures in the valley after evolution.

Merge Dragons will be a game for you to experience interesting about a dragon world, regenerating the land of Dargonia to rescue dragons, reviving life on the island. Besides, the graphics and sound of the game will be a plus point that makes you feel more excited when playing the game.

And do not forget the Merge Dragons Mod Apk version promises to help you easily win in this game.


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