If you have been a fan of the famous Mario game for a while, one thing is for sure, you will not be able to ignore the Mario Kart Tour game. This is a racing game released by Nintendo, inspired by their own Mario game.

Released in 2018, game has now been released on both Android and iOS operating systems. However, this game is not yet supported in Vietnam. So in this article we will introduce and show you how to download and install game.

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Introducing Mario Kart Tour Apk

Mario Kart Tour Apk is a racing game with famous characters who made Mario once. You will start the game with either Toad or Toadette.

Characters sorted by rarity include three types: Common, Rare and Very Rare. Some characters of the Popular type: Koopa Troopa, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Larry Troopa, … Some characters of the Rare type: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy, …

You can unlock character chests using the Emerald. The choice of characters does not affect the race, which means the characters have the same power, so it is your job to use the ultimate driving skills to win the race.

Game content

Players will play one of three characters, Mario, Wario or Toad to perform 16 laps around real-world-designed cities such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, …

You need to control their cars to move quickly and reasonably to be the first to finish in each race. Players can complete certain challenges to unlock new cars and earn badges.

In addition, you can access the multi-purpose arsenal, using powerful items received to prevent opponents from surpassing them.

Besides online matches, Mario Kart Tour Apk also has additional challenges such as “Vs. Mega Bowser ”and“ Goomba Takedown ”require gamers to have a different way of playing and tactics to win.

Mario Kart Tour Apk
Mario gameplay

Style play

Mario Kart Tour Apk is designed to play vertically on the screen. You only need to use one finger to control the cars on Mario Kart Tour Apk (kart). A small change from the Console version is that the kart will automatically accelerate when the opponent approaches or falls because of a collision with a wall.

When racing, you can collect weapons on the track such as: banana peel, turtle shell, thunder, … causing obstacles to prevent the opponent from reaching the finish line. A game with many levels, each screen in a city.

Players will have to complete the racing screen to receive rewards, unlock the driver and receive different upgrades. Currently, the game has 5 types of challenges taken from Mario Kart DS including: Rocket Start !; Race through the rings; Do Jump Boosts; Don’t crash; Glider Challenge.

Mario Kart Tour Apk
diverse styles

Sound graphics

Compared to popular racing games like Real Reacing 3, Mario Kart Tour Apk does not have the same definition as other games of the same genre. In return, 3D graphics are designed to be quite interesting, the characters are kept almost original to make players feel familiar.

In terms of sound, Game has powerful sound effects that attract players, making players feel comfortable. Every action has sound correctly described, very close to reality.

Instructions for downloading and installing game apk

Step 1

Download the Mario Kart Tour Apk installation file below

Download apk game
Download apk game

Step 2

Open the downloaded file and click to install. Allow installation from unknown source. Go to settings / Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On.

Mario Kart Tour Apk
Click Install

Step 3

Wait a bit for the game to install, then it will appear on your phone screen. Now just press the icon and start playing Mario Kart Tour Apk right away.



You can refer to the article tutorial play and tips: Mario Kart Tour Apk Tips and Tricks

Mario Kart Tour is a very attractive game, bringing exciting experience, extreme relaxation, exciting action scenes. Quickly download, join yourself in the game.


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