Mario Kart Tour, It’s undeniable that Mario is a cult game once loved by the 9x generation, but in this era, the publisher of Nintendo games has taken a spectacular step when bringing the legendary Mario character to one. Another game called Mario Kart Tour. So how to play Mario Kart Tour? How to win the game? All will be in this article.

Introducing Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is the first racing game released by Nintendo on the mobile platform. Basically, this is a traditional racing style game, not too complicated for players to easily access and play the game.

Game is suitable for most ages, not as fierce as Real Reacing, this game allows players to make a trip around the world from Japan to the US and then to France with the legendary Mario character and his friends, race and attack each other to finish first.

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Instructions on how to play

First, to be able to play Mario Kart Tour, you must download the game to your computer. Currently the game is available on Google Play and App Store, you just need to go to the store and download the game.

However, not all countries can download games because the developer does not support downloading games in all countries around the world. So if you want to play, you must use the Apk version to be able to play Mario Kart Tour.

Similar to car racing games like Asphalt 8, Mario Kart Tour players will also use touch on the device to play. Specifically:

  • After entering the game, select the character, swipe to the sides to control the character’s vehicle to move, simultaneously touch the icon on the screen or swipe up to use the collected pahamr objects in the past race
  • There are many different game modes, you have to choose one to play the game.
  • The gold coins you collect on the track will be used to unlock cars or unlock locked features in game.
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Tricks playing Mario Kart Tour APK

3.1 Select the appropriate driver

There are many new characters in Mario Kart Tour APK, but each character has different unique abilities, so in the process of choosing a character, choose your character wisely.

3.2 Use rockets

Use rockets at the beginning of the race to build the maximum speed as quickly as possible. To do this you need to hold your finger on the Go button and then remove it as soon as the race starts.

3.3 Drift continuously

For instance, when cornering, do not let go and keep holding in there, an orange flame will appear under the car, then turn blue. The longer you drift, the longer it is, the more the energy is loaded.

Note that if you find an orange skateboard on the track try to drift straight into it, you will receive extremely high bonus points and even fill the speed bar as soon as your car has not hit the ground after the shot. Spectacular drift.

3.4 Change the driving mode

Pay attention when you feel that something is wrong when you turn or turn, check if the Smart Drive mode is activated or not, please activate it immediately.

Full support, many options

3.5 Earn gold coins with Coin Rush

If you need to buy a few items without money, don’t worry, play Coin Rush. Here you will be racing alone, you must drive through the gold coins to collect them. However, to play this mode you need to pay with Ruby.

3.6 Make money very fast

You need to choose to race in the big cup because the number of points received for first place in the biggest cup is 2500 points, the bigger the prize.


You can refer to and download this game here : Mario Kart Tour Apk

Above are a few instructions and tips for you to easily reach and play Mario Kart Tour APK. It can be said that this will be a game that promises to bring extremely fun experiences without stress, besides the game also uses the familiar Mario character model, certainly will not make you disappointed.


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