Lucky Patcher is a special application used to do special things. The application was developed to help users mod applications and games in their phones without requiring too much high technology to mod.

Therefore , In this article we will introduce you everything about Lucky Patcher so you can take full advantage of the usefulness of the application.

Introduce Lucky Patcher

Application that allows users to break all rules of other applications. For example, you are using a photo editing application, there are many effects to make your photos more beautiful but the publisher requires payment, Therefore which is frustrating right?

In addition , App allows you to buy Premium versions for free, besides it completely eliminates ads in games or applications. App helps users to best experience the features of any game or other application if using Lucky Patcher to mod. And also because of this main feature (mod) of Lucky Patcher, you will never find the app on Google Play.

Lucky Patcher MOD APK
LK 2020

Features of Application

2.1. Remove ads from apps and games.

The app can detect apps with ads on your device. Therefore , It can remove ads from most apps and games easily.

2.2. Clear license verification of professional applications.

You do not need to buy anything from the play store. Lucky Patcher can circumvent app purchase verification. App can bypass license verification from Play Store, so you can enjoy many free Android apps and games for free.

2.3. Modify the application permissions.

App can be used to remove any application rights if not needed.2.4. Backup apps and games downloaded from the play store to your SD card with the app.

2.5. Various useful tools available.
2.6. For a better user experience, Lucky Patcher luck displays many colors to understand the situation of the application easily.
  • Green: The application you are trying to have a good chance to register.
  • Yellow: There is a custom patch in this directory / sdcard / luckypatchers.
  • Cyan: This app has Google advertising script.
  • Magenta: Already have this application in Bootlist.
  • Purple: Google in the Purchase Application contains this application.
  • Red: No chance of being registered.
  • Orange: This application is a system application. Therefore , Care should be taken for any damage that may be damage to the application or operating system.
  • Clover: application has successfully changed this application.
  • Star: The dalvik cache of this application has been edited (ODEX with changes made).
Lucky Patcher MOD APK
Lucky Patcher luck displays many colorsLucky Patcher luck displays many colors
2.7. Root access is required for all features.

The application can perform many tasks without rooting but if you want to get all the features of the application, so you must root your smartphone or tablet.

New feature in app

  • New method to purchase inapp patches (Support patch for InApp simulation (Dex Restructuring).
  • Optimize ad templates for a more stable patch process.
  • Supprot for GooglePlay Inapp Library (api 10) has been added.
  • New link to website for customized patches added (
  • New link to send custom patches
  • Added Share Share button to backup dialog.
  • Updated translations.

Instructions for installing App on Android

Step 1

Turn off the “Google Play Protect” feature (Open Google Play, select Menu -> Play Protect -> Scan Device for Security Threats “-> Turn off)

Google Play Protect
Google Play Protect

Step 2

Download the Lucky Patcher APK file. Then open the file to launch the installer.

Step 3

After that installation, open the app and grant Super SU access. Or you can still use LP without root access, but the feature will be limited.

Step 4

Accept the access rights of the device’s device memory to download the original file of the application from the official server from the developer.

Step 5

After that , you need to allow unknown source installation options for Lucky Patcher Installer.

unknown source
unknown source

Step 6

Install LP again. Then open the application and accept the permissions it requests. You can now enjoy the application.

Instructions for using app

Step 1

Go to Lucky Patcher and wait for it to finish downloading the applications currently on your phone.

Step 2

After that , Select an application you want to mod (note the application requires copyright)

Step 3

Select Open Menu of Patches.

Select an application you want to mod
Select an application you want to mod

Step 4

Select Remove License Verification.

Remove License
Remove License

Step 5

Select Auto Modes (Mod) or Manually (Mod by designation).

Step 6

Wait! After modifying, turn off Lucky Patcher and access the application you just mod and enjoy the results!

Proper configuration

  • Application version: 8.7.1
  • Application size: 8.24 MB.
  • Requirements: Android 2.0 and above.


You can refer to the home page of the application:

Lucky Patcher can say is really a useful application for you to use the Premium features of games or applications on Google Play for free. However, the installation of Lucky Patcher is quite complicated but the usage is not difficult. If you need it, try downloading Lucky Patcher to take full advantage of all the copyrighted applications.


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