Human Fall Flat Apk is a puzzle video game developed by Lithuanian studio No Brakes Games and published by Curve Digital.

A puzzle game based on physical factors, especially in this game, the player will play a character that can perform actions controlled by the player, completing the task to solve the puzzle.

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Human Fall Flat Apk
Human Fall Flat Apk


Human: Fall Flat is a physics puzzle game in which the player plays a customizable human, called in the game Bob. Bob is a superhuman character, he’s completely human.

This character is often in a wobbly state, always dreaming of surreal places filled with puzzles where he has yet to find an exit. Discovery and creativity will be the key to solving the puzzle.

Currently the game has been released on Google Play and App Store, so to be able to play the game for free, we recommend downloading Human: Fall Flat Apk.

Characters are hard to control
Characters are hard to control

Game content

In the game Human: Fall Flat Apk, basically, the game screen will have a certain theme, which is divided into small puzzle areas with typical puzzles.

The common point is that all require you to move the character from point A to point B, but how to overcome the barriers separating these two points is the difficult thing for the player, by the character Bob would be like a drunkard with unsteady steps, difficult to control.

The game has an open ending. Each level will follow a different topic, each level contains many solutions for unique puzzles. Many hidden in-game remote controls give players clues to learn the gameplay and ultimately solve puzzles.

Style play

Players will control the character Bob grabs objects and climbs on the ledges with both hands. Although Bob’s standard appearance is a minimalist all-white human, the player can customize him to his liking, painting his body with a variety of different colors and despite him many types. skin.

The goal of the player is very simple, you just need to control the character through a series of screen environments to open the door through the screen.

Graphics, sound

Human: Fall Flat Apk possesses 3D graphics that are designed quite well, beautiful bright colors attract players.

The sound is not too prominent, just an extra point to help the game not boring. Can evaluate game successful thanks to the content, not thanks to the graphics and sound of the game.

Human Fall Flat Apk
Human Fall Flat Apk


  • Wobbly’s Master of the garden art: You can walk (straight type), jump, grab anything, climb on anything, take anything with you. Mastering the movements will be your first interesting challenge.
  • Mind-bending problem solving: Discover 12 open-ended levels full of challenging puzzles and hilarious distractions. Try new paths and discover all the secrets!
  • Play with friends and family: Work together to achieve any task – or spend hours pranks on each other in the craziest ways possible. Play with up to 4 players for mayhem!
  • Customize: Dress your person in dozens of silly outfits. Make dogs, ninjas, princesses for anything! Mix and match with endless combinations.
  • The world may be imaginary, but the laws of physics are very realistic!

Instructions for downloading and installing

Step 1

Download the Human Fall Flat Apk and OBB file link below

download file apk and obb link below
download file apk and obb link below

Step 2

Install the downloaded file. If you have never downloaded an APK file then go to Settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> Enable.

Human Fall Flat Apk
unknown sources

Step 3

Wait for the installation process to finish and you can start playing the game Human Fall Flat Apk.

How to play the game?

  • Single player: Probably the most difficult way of playing, you have to take Bob through the puzzles on his own, find solutions, fetch and move objects that will help you and plug in difficult tasks for until you master them, it’s over.
  • Co-op mode – Bob: you can coordinate with each other to find the fastest and safest way to exit, when you like to watch their antics and help each other.
  • Multiplayer mode: Up to 8 people to solve the group puzzles. In the group some players can fight against others, throw away boxes needed to climb, selfishly use ropes needed for all of you or do other annoying things.
  • Players use the left key to control the character moves and use the right key to control Bob’s actions.
Challenging game for players
Challenging game for players

Configuration accordingly

  • Current version 1.2
  • Game size 40M
  • Requires Android 5.0 trpr up
  • A rating of 4.2 / 5 stars
  • Downloads: 100,000+


Human: Fall Flat Apk will be an attractive game from the first time to play because it brings an extremely new experience. Controlling a normal character in the game is difficult, in game, players have to control flexible characters even harder.

But it is also a special highlight that makes Human Fall Flat Apk. Try downloading and experiencing this unique game!


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