How to use Terraria : Terraria is an adventure game, survival and can craft & build similar to the cult Minecraft. With 2D graphics that seem to be too old, but still a lot of people love and fascinate it everyday by transforming into a hero to fight, find a way to survive to overcome all difficulties that made everyone Passionate already. If you are a new player, scroll down to learn more about playing Terraria.

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NPCs system of Terraria

NPCs are known as characters created by the system rather than the incarnations of any player. In Terraria, players will receive NPCs when they reach a corresponding milestone or complete certain missions.

Mostly, NPC is a supplier of items for you, you can easily buy what you are missing from them or when the inventory is full, sell NPC unnecessary things to free you! In addition, some NPCs have special functions such as guiding you to play, an important role when fighting, …

How to use Terraria
How to use Terraria – free on android

Every battle, NPCs can be killed but will revive immediately, so don’t worry!

Currently, Terraria has launched 26 NPCs with interesting and important functions and roles, namely:

• Tutorial
• Trader
• Business travel
• Skeleton merchant
• Nurse
• Artist
• Dyeing traders
• Destroyer
• Dryad
• Pub owner
• Owner of a dealer selling weapons
• 12-year-old teen girl
• Stylist
• Angler
• Designer
• Goblin Tinkerer
• Witch doctor
• Repairman
• Mechanic
• Pirates
• Truffle
• Magician
• Tax collector
• Steampunker
• Cyborg
• Santa Claus

Guide to creating characters in Terraria

To create a character for yourself, press the “New” button. Then choose all the characteristics you like for your character, including: skin color, hair style, clothes and gender. Create a representative that looks like you the most!

Once completed, click “Create” to confirm the character with the selected features and proceed to name it right away! This new character will be added to the character list and you can choose to use it anytime!

How to use Terraria
Fight the night with ferocious monsters

How to create a new world in Terraria

As soon as you finish creating the character, the system will prompt you to create a new world. To be able to do this, click “New” and perform each operation provided by the game.

First of all is the size selection of this New World. There are 3 levels: Small, Medium and Large, each level has its own advantages, the larger the level the richer creature system, more treasure and comes with it is harder to conquer. So, based on your ability to choose a suitable world!

Then choose the mode, including 2 modes: Normal and Expert. If you are new to the game, we recommend you choose Normal mode because it is the simplest, providing a standard gaming experience just enough for you to understand the game. Once you have mastered, you can choose the Expert mode to improve your skills!

How to use Terraria
Choosing the new world in Terraria is quite important

Player activity in Terraria

When new to Terraria, the player needs to do is to cut down trees to build houses – the safest shelter. Then go mining minerals, other resources or search for materials to create weapons, armor and use them to fight hundreds of different monsters in the game every night. about.

The weapon system of this game is huge, according to our statistics, there are more than 400 weapons from melee, long range, magic, and summon, …

Similar to Minecraft, Terraria is a game for players to explore freely, there will be no instructions given to it. You can explore the game the way you want it. If you do not like exploiting and manufacturing, then we suggest you how to create a peaceful life in this 2D world by building houses for NPCs, fishing, riding mounts, finding Bay Island to explore. !

The Terraria world that you will explore also has a day 2 sessions like real life, the cycle of day and night keeps repeating. During the day, you can comfortably go for a walk, exploit resources, explore caves, kill some weak monsters.

At night, it’s a time of activity for monsters and zombies. If you do not have many weapons and armor strong enough, and not ready to fight, you can do nothing but run away. So for your own safety, remember a basic rule of thumb: don’t explore at night!

Once you understand the game, you should build a small village of your own. Along with that, building more houses will attract other people to come and stay. They will bring you products and services. It supports faster upgrades. To attract more people and bring the most comfort to your neighbors, you need to build a good enough home with all the necessary furniture.

How to use Terraria
How to use Terraria – Terraria is an adventure game

How to make a bed in Terraria

The bed in Terraria is extremely important, which is where the NPC character will be born. So make sure you always have a bed in your own shelter to get ready for the new NPC! So how to create a bed here?

First of all, to ensure safety, the bed must be placed in your house, which is protected by solid walls that no one can pass. Please select a suitable indoor space to book a bed, we recommend that you place a door as well as find a place large enough to make it easier!

A basic bed can be made in a sawmill with specific materials as follows: 5 pieces of silk, 35 Cobwebs and 15 wooden boards. Depending on the type of bed you want to make, there are different formulas, when you play you can find it yourself! But to save the most as well as increase the possibility of appearing NPC, you should create a fancy bed from the beginning, to do it, we recommend that you find yourself some rare pieces of wood. Remember, only 15 pieces of Rich Mahogany and combined with 5 pieces of silk will create a Mahogany bed in the sawmill. Extremely simple!

Beds have a very important position to the survival of the character
Beds have a very important position to the survival of the character


Above is the article How to use Terraria . Please understand what we have revealed to you to become a talented hero in the world of Terraria. Wish you always have hours of fun gaming!

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