Instead of paying for services like Netflx, Viki, HBO, or other movie apps, using Popcorn Time Apk will be a perfect choice for you. If you do not know what Popcorn Time Apk is and how to use it, this article answers your question about Popcorn Time Apk and how to use it.

If you do not have the application installed can see the article: How to download and install Popcorn Time Apk

Information Popcorn Time Apk

Popcorn Time is a cross-platform, multi-platform BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player. Once created, Popcorn Time quickly received positive media attention, with several app comparisons with Netflix for ease of use.

The app was abruptly removed on March 14, 2014, due to pressure from the American Film Association (MPAA). Therefore, to use Popcorn Time, we have to use the Apk (Popcorn Time Apk).

What is Popcorn Time Apk?

Popcorn Time Apk is an application that allows you to watch hundreds of movies, TV series and movies right on your smart device such as Android phones, Android TV, Mac, iPhone, PC Windows, Linux.

Movies on Popcorn Time Apk have HD quality, accompanied by subtitles suitable for users. If the movie expires or loses on the app, Popcorn Time Apk will search for the best version to meet the user’s requirements.

With the latest version of Popcorn Time Apk, you can download and save movies on your device offline for use without an Internet connection.
Popcorn Time Apk interface is almost similar to Netflix. Include thumbnails and titles for movies, search bar, and Settings.

Features of Popcorn Time Apk

  • Always look for the best quality movies from the major websites.
  • There is no limit to views.
  • The best movie quality.
  • Free to use.
  • Sort by trends and popularity.
  • Small plugin system.

Instructions for use Popcorn Time Apk

Step 1: Download and install the application on your smart device.

Linkdownload :

popcorn time apk download
How to download and install Popcorn Time Apk

Step 2: Open the Popcorn Time Apk app that you have installed, then select any movie or episode in the app.

popcorn time apk download
Popcorn Time Apk

Step 3: After selecting a movie, choose HD quality and the subtitle for your language.

popcorn time apk download
Popcorn Time select HD movie

Step 4: All is ready, just press “Watch It Now” and enjoy the movie you have chosen.

popcorn time apk download
Click Play watch movie

Instructions to download movies from Popcorn Time Apk

Step 1: Go to Popcorn Time Apk, then select a movie you want to download, then select “Download”.

popcorn time apk download
Popcorn Time download movie.

Step 2: Click “Continue” to continue.

popcorn time apk download
Popcorn Time Apk – Download Movie

Step 3: Click “Open” to open the movie you have just downloaded.
You can download multiple movies at the same time or download them while watching movies.

Items in the Setting section of Popcorn Time Apk

Part Interface

  • Language: choose the language (default English, not Vietnamese)
  • Themes: choose the interface of the application (only the default is “Classic”)
  • Start page: select the default page that will load when opening the application (the default will load movies, there are also other options such as loading TV Show, cartoons, favorites …)

Part Player

  • Hardware Acceleration: select the decoder, the default will automatically decode by hardware or software depending on the Android Box, if you do not know, you can leave Auto or you can try if the mode is smooth to play Used again.
popcorn time apk download
Menu setting Popcorn time apk

Part Subttitles

  • Default subtitle: select the default language for downloaded subtitles, you can choose Vietnamese, movies without Vietnamese subtitles will not have subtitles when watching movies. At that time you can choose English subtitles or subtitles you can download from the outside.
  • Font size: font size of subtitles.
  • Font color: subtitle color.
popcorn time apk download
Subtitles Setting

Downloads section

  • Check connection: check whether there is a VPN connection before downloading or not, if you do not use VPN, you can uncheck this item.
  • Use only Wifi connection: only allow Wifi connection .
  • Connections limit: limit the number of connections.
  • Maximum download speed: the maximum download speed .
  • Maximum upload speed.
  • Cache folder: deciding where to save Popcorn Time’s cache and where to save downloaded movie files, it will be in the “time4popcorn” folder.
  • Clear cache folder on exit.
popcorn time apk download
Popcorn Time apk Download

Part About

popcorn time apk download
Popcorn Time About


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