How to use Monopoly is very simple, bringing the original from the billionaire chess game in fact, you can absolutely play with the machine or invite your friends to the rooms to play online with each other on the phone.

In this article we will show you how to use Monopoly APK and show you the strategy to win easily.

How to use Monopoly
How to use Monopoly

Game Monopoly APK

Game is a free version of the game for mobile devices running Android. Currently the game is available on Google Play and App Store with the price is not cheap.

So if you want to play games on your phone without having to pay, you can download Monopoly APK by the following link: Monopoly MOD APK Full v1.1.6 – Unlimited Money , All Unlocked

In the game, players will participate in activities of buying, selling, exchanging assets; build houses, hotels and restaurants to earn income from the initial capital; expand business activities to increase profits; pay taxes, pay fines or go bankrupt if the business fails …

In particular, players can also send challenges to friends, change the rules and see who will be a billionaire in the risky business world.

How to use Monopoly
Classic games are put on mobile devices

How to use Monopoly

To play the Monopoly APK, you first need to download the game to your phone, install and get started, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to name your character in the game, then choose to play against the computer or play online with other players. You can create a private room to invite your friends or relatives.
  • To start playing, you shake the phone to dump two dice and then make your move on the chessboard (clockwise).
  • You move into an empty plot, you can pay the bank to own it.
  • If another player has rented that land, you have to pay for them.
  • If you refuse to buy an empty land plot, that land plot will be auctioned by the bank. All players on the board are allowed to participate, including the player who refused to buy the land.
  • Player goes bankrupt, that player loses and is eliminated from the game. The player who wins is the player that makes other players go bankrupt.
  • If time runs out of the game, the richest player will win.
  • In addition to the plots that allow you to buy or rent land, the board also has some special boxes such as opportunity and community boxes (Chance, Community Chest).
The game brings a familiar experience
The game brings a familiar experience

Tips and Tricks

  • Buy as much land as possible: just like the saying “inch of gold”, the land will be an asset that shows your wealth. Buy whatever land you meet, don’t save money or wait until you find the right land to buy. The more land you have the more chance of winning the game.
  • Interested in the strongest land group: In Monopoly APK, there are 3 orange plots will have the opportunity to set foot the most because they are located near the Prison. So, find a way to buy or exchange this strongest land group.
  • Build a house when possible: When all 3 land of the same color is available, spend money to build at least 1 house in all 3 zones, this will increase your tax collection ability to very high.
  • Stock as much as possible: For example, if you already have 3 or 4 groups of the same color of land, please store it, do not rush to upgrade to the hotel. Because the number of houses is limited, this hoarding can leave your opponent with no home to build. Don’t build a hotel if that gives your opponent a home to build.
  • Buy Railroad, do not buy Utility: in the game, you have 1/38 chance to set foot on Utilitity. Experience shows that, you invest in other land (Railroad) helps with greater opportunities. Railroad also works to keep the position in the long run.
  • Stay in Prison for as long as possible: The strategy to stay in Prison for as long as possible applies the back of the game, by which time a lot of houses have been built. Staying in prison for a long time to avoid having to pay someone else’s rent, and at the same time getting money back from them.
tips and tricks
tips and tricks


Above is a gaming guide and some tactics to help you win this game. The game version on Monopoly Phone APK is not much different from the actual version, even the content is copied in its original form.

If you’ve ever played Billions of games in real life, then with Monopoly APK game, nothing will make it difficult for you. However, if you play with the machine, pay attention to how to play, you may learn some more tips from the machine.


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