As one of the famous mobile video editing applications, KineMaster Diamond can help users a lot in cutting, adding effects, … to create a high quality video. This article will show you the most basic way to use KineMaster Diamond

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About KineMaster Diamond

KineMaster Diamond is a very popular video editing and editing application in the world. This is a software created for the majority of use on mobile phones, a professional video editor with all necessary features such as: processing multiple videos, images and text layers, cutting and cutting properly media files, color schemes, dubbing, background compositing, speed adjustment, transitions, subtitles, special effects … to help users create a video of their own simply, easily easily on your phone.

How to use KineMaster Diamond
KineMaster Diamond is a very popular video editing and editing application in the world.

Instructions for using app on the phone

Step 1

After downloading and installing KineMaster Diamond on your phone.

Step 2

After the installation is complete, launch the application. On the first use, the application will ask you some necessary things, please confirm the Permission with the terms of the application.

Step 3

Create a new video by clicking the “+” icon. Here the app will allow you to create 2 types of videos: create videos with tutorials and create custom videos.

interface when opening the application
interface when opening the application

Step 4

After selecting, the system will switch to the video setup interface, please set a title for the video and click OK to confirm.

Step 5

Select the photos or videos you want as videos to create a new video, then select Next.

Step 6

Select the effect that appears when playing the video. If you do not find the effect you want, then select the Basic section to skip this effect.

How to use KineMaster Diamond
Extremely professional application and very easy to use.

Step 7

You can add text (if desired) by selecting Text -> write or edit if desired. If you do not like adding text, you select Next to skip; You can choose to add any song to play in the video.

Step 8

After you have completed the setting steps, the application will switch to the editing interface and the draft for you to customize. When you have finished editing, select the Exit icon.

Step 9

To be able to save videos or share videos with everyone, select the Share icon. Select the video quality and then Export to proceed to save the video you have just created.

Some manipulations to use KineMaster Diamond

3.1 How to cut video

After adding the video, click the tick at the top right. To trim the video, click on the video below, after the border turns yellow, you can customize the position you want to cut, then click on the scissors icon above.

Trim options include: Trim to the left / right of the playhead (Split video to the left / right of the playhead), Split at playhead (Split video into 2 parts at the playhead) and Extract Audio (Extract audio). Please select the option that best suits your needs.

how to cut video
how to cut video

3.2 How to use transition effects

Transition effects will make your video smoother, viewers will not see the collage of the video. In the middle of each video will be a gray square and a line in the middle. To add transition effects, tap that square. Click on the transition effect options and different options.

You can choose options like 3D Transitions, Classic, Fun, Picture-in-picture, Powerful, Presentation, Text, etc.When you’re done adding transitions, tap the tick at the top. To preview the transitions, go to the place you want to start on the video and click the Play button.

3.3 How to dub a video

To dub, click the mic icon then press the Start button to start recording. When you see the green light flashing, you can record it. When you click the Start button, the parts of the video that are added with the voice are highlighted in red. When you click the Stop button, the video in red will now have a purple line below. You will also see additional options like Review (review), Re-record (record), Loop (repeat), Voice Filter (voice filter), Voice volume (voice volume) and Trim (trim) ).

dub a video
dub a video

3.4 How to add Text to the video

Click the Layer button to the left of the camera button, then an options window will appear. The Text option will be at the bottom. Select and enter the text you want, then press OK. You can customize the font, size, color, choose an animation for the text to appear, …

3.5 How to add music to videos

Add a song on your phone, select the song you want, a red + sign will appear. The application will start playing the sound so you can confirm if it is a song you want to add. After confirming, click on the red plus sign and the name of the song will appear at the bottom.


Above is the instruction for using KineMaster Diamond. Because it is the Diamond version, you do not need to worry about the language used in the application, it is completely Vietnamese so the use will be very easy. With KineMaster Diamond wish you will have great videos.


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