How to use Juicy Realm after installation, unlike the role-playing games with sharp 3D graphics, beautiful pictures, game will be a special role-playing game for those who are passionate about the genre.

With 2.5D graphics, game looks like it will not stand out in the role-playing game line but it is a false assessment, just play game once, you will be caught in the game by the uniqueness of it. Many interesting points such as how to play the game Juicy Realm APK like?

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A few things about the game Juicy Realm APK

If you do not know, Juicy Realm APK is a game released by a game company in China. In the game, players will be immersed in the utopian world, where there are plants that evolve and threaten the human world.

Your mission is to fight against plants to protect your own life and those of others. With this APK version, you can download the game for free, no need to 3$ to buy games from the app store on Google Play.

How to use Juicy Realm
The game is only 2.5D but full of appeal

How to use Juicy Realm

The first thing to be able to play the game is that you have to download the game to your phone, install it and start playing. Game Juicy Realm APK has a pretty simple control mechanism, it’s similar to other RPGs on Android:

  • To control the movement of a character, you use the joystick on the left of the screen.
  • On the right of the screen are action buttons, including normal attack key and special skill use.
  • Attack enemies by shooting them with a gun in your hand to take down opponents quickly.
  • Destroy wooden chests to search for items by using a gun to shoot at wooden chests.
  • Finally, after defeating a series of strong opponents, you will fight the boss, if you defeat the boss, you will win.
Fun and diverse gameplay
Fun and diverse gameplay

Tips and tricks for playing Juicy Realm APK

  • Flexible combination of scroll and attack keys: to be able to destroy enemies without losing HP, you need to play the game many times to master the keys, then practice your hands to control the keys in a way rhythmic, flexible
  • Do not waste bullets: be sure to hit the target because all the guns in the game need time to reload, it will take a while to fully charge. So this will be the time when the enemy can attack you easily.
  • Just attack and dodge bullets: you can run around the battlefield, the enemy will naturally chase you, running and firing. If you stop and fire at an enemy, they will move to you and bring you closer to you.
Many good tricks to help fight
Many good tricks to help fight

MOD feature of Juicy Realm APK

  • Unlimited gold coins.
  • Unlock all characters.
  • Unlock all skills.

Review game Juicy Realm APK

  • The game content is quite unique when anthropomorphizing plants into mutants angry, conscious, fighting with humans.
  • 2.5D graphics combine to use bright tones, fun styles throughout the game.
  • Create protagonists, villains in lovely chibi style, causing sympathy for the player.
  • Design space, diverse environment.
best game android
best game android


It can be said that the game Juicy Realm APK is a role-playing game worth playing, it is not too picky as well as has a very nice graphics that will surely attract many gamers.

Instead of playing a role-playing battle PUBG, Free Fire, … dramatic, choking, you can switch to playing game to relax more mind but still can enjoy the role-playing feeling do. host the game.

Use the tactics you normally use in Juicy Realm APK role-playing games to see if it works and you can win with that strategy.


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