How to use Flappy Bird is that looks very simple but very difficult to win because it requires the player to really focus to control correctly. Because it only takes one wrong beat to lose immediately.

So in this article we will show you how to play game and introduce some tips and tricks to get a high score.

How to use Flappy Bird
How to use Flappy Bird

A few interesting things about game

Join Flappy Bird, you will have the opportunity to experience an extremely interesting and engaging game. Although the game graphics are simple in style, the gameplay will keep you focused.

Your task is to take the bird in turn through the blue columns to win. It is easy but it is not easy, you need to be patient and control the bird correctly, otherwise it is very easy to lose.
Flappy Bird is a version that allows you to play game on mobile phones, you cannot download game from Google Play or App Store because the game has been removed from these two stores. You can download the application here: Flappy Bird Apk v1.3 – Download The Original Game

Although the game is no longer released on the store, you can download it here
Although the game is no longer released on the store, you can download it here

How to use Flappy Bird

To be able to play Flappy Bird you must first download and install the game in your phone. Then click on the game icon on the phone to start playing Flappy Bird Apk.

Click on the phone screen to control the bird, press quickly many times the bird will fly high, press slowly, it will fly slowly, if not press it will automatically fall down and you will lose.

You need to control the bird so that it easily passes through the slot of the blue pillars, through a slot you will get 1 point.

Simple gameplay but not easy to win
Simple gameplay but not easy to win

Tips and tricks for playing Flappy Bird

  • Turn on Do not Disturb mode before playing: there really is no worse feeling when you are preparing to pass the old score when you receive an incoming call or a notification message. So leave the Do Not Disturb mode to focus on playing the game.
  • Play Flappy Bird on devices with large screens: if you have a tablet, use it to play game. The tablet has a bigger screen than a mobile phone, so the game will become bigger, the larger space will help you expand your vision, control fingers are also easier.
  • Reasonable control: there are many positions for you to put your finger to control, some places you should place it is the corner of the screen, help you minimize obscure visibility, making it easier to see game and the tubes.
How to use Flappy Bird
Many tricks for you to easily achieve high scores
  • Control the falling speed: in the game you will have the feeling of confronting gravity, as long as you let go, the bird will fall to the ground extremely fast. So you have to control the speed of falling to confront the green pipes moving faster and faster.
  • Timing the right time: an extremely important skill to win is timing the press. However, to be able to do this skill, you need to play many times to gain experience. If you learn how to control the bird smoothly, you will determine the position and timing of each jump when you press the screen.
  • Keep calm: You will not know when you can win, just one touch and you have to play again from the beginning, so to avoid “beating the phone”, you must be really calm, if you lose, put the machine down, static relocate and keep playing. Don’t let the rage from game control your actions.


In short, to be able to play Flappy Bird the longest and win the final, you need to practice playing regularly, from which you will feel the rhythm of the bird and overcome the pipe slots. Only the “hard-working and smart-compensation” way can you gain a lot of experience when playing and avoid mistakes made to win game.


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