How to use CCleaner for Android: CCleaner is a useful tool dedicated to cleaning, removing junk files, redundant applications on your device at a fast speed, helping it to operate more optimally, more efficiently after a while. long using.

Although this is a very simple cleaning tool, not everyone knows all its functions. Scroll down now to learn how to use the super useful app for Android phones with us!

Best app Android
Best app Android

Why install CCleaner for Android devices?

CCleaner is a cleanup tool that we think is the best currently available for any Android device. So you should not miss them. Here are some reasons we recommend and recommend this app:

Firstly, App is an application with a long history. First released in 2004 with the PC version, it has now received over 2 billion downloads worldwide including more than 50 million uses from Android devices. This application has always been ranked high in the rankings, currently rated 4.6 / 5 stars from nearly 2 million votes.

Second, CCleaner is one of the best device optimization programs. It allows deletion of deemed useless files from memory, cleans Internet browsing history, fixes errors in the registry and more.

Third, with application you can free up space on your phone’s memory by deleting “unnecessary” files (temporary files of applications, online browsing history etc.), monitoring Monitor RAM and CPU usage, easily uninstall applications and more yet. All are free and extremely intuitive.

Fourth, Application uses a very simple interface so anyone can use it.
Fifth, with CCleaner, you can check the temperature and battery life, thereby grasping its status and having a replacement plan as needed.

How to use CCleaner - Why should you choose CCleaner?
Why should you choose CCleaner?

CCleaner works ?

CCleaner works as follows:

App uses a set of Rules to determine which files can and cannot be deleted. These rules include everything from in-app files, files that have been placed in the Recycle Bin, to old virus definition files that just clutter your system. App currently supports more than 200 applications available.

This app always spends a huge amount of time each month checking and re-checking these rules to make sure that what is deleted is absolutely, absolutely unnecessary. This application closely monitors all the development of the applications that are available in the machine.

How to clean the system with CCleaner

– Click the CCleaner icon on the screen to start the application.

– Select Analyze so that the application lists out the junk files, temporary files currently on the computer.

– Check the junk files you want to delete and click Finish clean, now you can see the file size is deleted.

How to use CCleaner - Quick Clean
Quick Clean

Monitor RAM and memory activity with CCleaner

Firstly : Click the CCleaner icon on the screen to start the application.

After that : Click the three dashes icon in the upper left corner of the CCleaner main screen, then select Application Analyzer.

You will easily see the amount of memory displayed with the color bar is divided into different colors, each color will represent an application, the folder is stored on the machine.

Storage Analyser
Storage Analyser

Guide to application management with CCleaner

Firstly : Click the CCleaner icon on the screen to start the application.

After that: Click to open the main menu of app, select App Manager, then there will be the application panel installed, the system is divided into sections with different usage capacity. You can see details of how much the application has, the amount of data used, and cache.

App Manager
App Manager

Guide to speed up the system with CCleaner

Step 1: Click the CCleaner icon on the screen to start the application.

Step 2: Open the Main Menu and select Speed Up.

At this time, a list of applications that are running or working in the background will appear, press the checkmark in the application you see is not necessary to stop the application’s operation! This helps improve the speed of use of the device system.


Check CPU usage and battery temperature with CCleaner

Firstly: Click the CCleaner icon on the screen to start the application.

Later : Select System Information in the Menu, then a dialog box containing machine information will appear, including: Model, operating time from opening, the version of Android being used, information Wifi, 3G network and sharing features like Bluetooth …

System Info
System Info


CCleaner is not just a garbage cleaning tool on Android devices but also an application with many great features to help optimize your device. Please hold in the palm of the set of instructions for using this application that we have given above to have more interesting and more wonderful experiences! Good luck!

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