How to use Bead Sort extremely simple, suitable for all ages. Released swimming Supersonic Studios LTD, it has become a game that attracts quite a lot of people to download and experience.

Bead Sort possesses a simple but extremely attractive gameplay, but it also has difficulty levels. So in this article we will show you how to play Bead Sort and show you a few tricks to easily win.

How to use Bead Sort
How to use Bead Sort

A few things about the game

If you do not know, the game Bead Sort is a new game launched not too long ago, this is a simulation game with extremely simple content, very suitable for those who like the work related to classification, sort.

A game with sharp 3D graphics and appropriate sound, gameplay that does not make the player think much is sure to be a promising game.

killing time game
killing time game

Instructions for playing game

The first step to playing Bead Sort is that you have to download the game to your phone. This game is completely free so you can download to play without worrying about money to buy the game. You can download it here : Bead Sort MOD Apk v1.14 – Unlimited Money , No ADS or if you want to install the application on a PC : How to use Bead Sort on PC

When you first start a game screen, you control by pulling the magnet tube to suck the beads of the same color, then drop them into the appropriate colored barrel. Be careful and careful so that the seeds do not fall outside the box.

The more you play at a higher level, the more difficult the challenge is, requiring you to focus more to suck the particles properly.

Very special gameplay
Very special gameplay

Tips and Tricks

  • Do not select all: because the game Bead Sort does not count the time to complete the task of each screen, so all you need to do is choose the correct color for the beads.
  • Smart arrangement: draw colors one by one according to the color order you specify, do not do all colors at once, it will make you confused when playing. The color selection and sorting is a pretty good thing to play, you will quickly complete the task.
  • Do not smoke too many large particles: the size of the particles will change as levels increase. That will affect the suction of the particles. The large particle size will fill the straws as quickly as possible, so you need to pay attention to moderate suction of particles to avoid falling.
game that attracts quite a lot of people to download and experience
game that attracts quite a lot of people to download and experience
  • Select a color box to make: the higher the level, the more particles are mixed. In the box will have 3-4 or even more nuts with many colors intertwined. You need to determine which color to complete first, then suck the color beads that match the color of the cell, when completed, switch to another color box and follow the same steps.
  • Stay calm while playing: this is a game arranged to relax, so you do not need to play the game in a hurry. Stay calm to suck the particles and return them to the appropriate colored square.

Proper configuration

  • Current version 1.14
  • Game size 31M
  • Requires Android 4.1 and above, iOS 10.0 and above.
  • Rating 3.4 / 5 stars (on Google Play) and 4.7 / 5 stars (on iOS)


In short, Bead Sort game has a simple gameplay, so the game play is also simple to follow. It is not difficult to win and cross the table in the game.

Some tips that we have mentioned above hope that can help you pass the level quickly. Bead Sort is born for you to relax, so don’t be too rushed to win this game, play game your way.


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