If you own a phone running Android, you need to know the AVG Cleaner app. This is an extremely useful application for Android phones because of its unique functions. In this article we will show you how to use the application and give you more information about the specific functions of AVG Cleaner.

How to use AVG Cleaner
avg cleaner pro apk

Overview of AVG Cleaner

If you do not know, AVG Cleaner is a “garbage collection” app on the phone with more than 50 million installs. The app possesses advanced features such as increasing device performance, deleting junk files to free up space, caching memory, stopping applications to extend battery life and save mobile data, Besides, AVG Cleaner also provides you with the information you need about the device, intelligent file management function.

How to use AVG Cleaner

Step 1

You must first download and install AVG Cleaner on your phone. You can download apps here : AVG Cleaner PRO APK MOD – Premium Unlocked (May 2020)

Step 2

After installing and opening the application, AVG Cleaner will analyze and collect information about the status of memory stored on the device. Items to use:

  • In the “Cache” section, AVG Cleaner will list the applications that are caching your device. Here, you click on the “Clean all cache” button to clear all the caching that applications are occupied on smartphones.
  • The “History” section stores information about your smartphone usage, including browsing history, call history. In addition, this function also lists the files with the largest capacity on the smartphone, thereby allowing users to delete large files that are no longer used to save storage on the smartphone. To display the list of large files, click on “History”, then select the “File” tab, the application will automatically analyze and list the files with the largest capacity.
  • Section “App Uninstaller” allows users to manage and remove applications on smartphones. Especially from this list, users can organize applications by the amount of space occupied on the hard drive, the amount of usage when connected to the Internet or the most battery-consuming applications. Based on the information provided by AVG Cleaner, you can proceed to remove unnecessary applications or consume the most storage space. To sort the list of applications by different criteria (storage capacity, battery usage ..), click the option in the upper left corner to set up how to arrange applications.
  • Section “Battery”, the application will display information about battery status such as current battery level, temperature of the battery, battery status as well as predict the remaining time to use the battery. In particular, here the application also allows users to set different battery usage modes to suit each specific case. Users can manually set the way the smartphone works to suit each specific usage mode.
How to use AVG Cleaner
Some basic functions

The specific functions of AVG Cleaner

3.1 Cleaner: Uninstall applications & manage advanced applications

  • Uninstalling pre-installed applications: Do you have pre-installed trial applications that are not in use? AVG Cleaner can help prevent these applications from slowing down your phone.
  • Application analysis: AVG Cleaner can identify applications that are consuming battery power, consuming mobile data or taking up too much memory space for you to delete them more easily.
  • Uninstall applications: Easily remove applications that slow down your device.
  • Easily analyze applications by consumption or memory usage, RAM, battery or mobile data.

3.2 Cleaner: Photo Analysis

  • Optimize photo gallery quickly and easily.
  • Find low quality or duplicate photos.
  • ‘swipe left to delete, swipe right to hold’ feature to help you decide whether to delete or keep a defined image.
How to use AVG Cleaner
tips found

3.3 Cleaner: Saving & Optimizing Batteries

  • Stopping apps in bulk: The app stop feature helps to extend battery life and ensure device runs faster with longer battery life.
  • Configure & Optimize Battery: choose from “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Work” and “Vehicle” profiles, or set your own profile to automatically adjust the battery usage to your liking .

3.4 Cleaner: Analyze and Optimize with one click

  • Clean the device with just a push of a button.
  • Perform device scans and analyzes with a single tap.
How to use AVG Cleaner
Very easy to use application


In short, to be able to use AVG Cleaner the best, you need to understand the main features of the application and how to use them. It’s not too difficult to use AVG Cleaner, so download AVG Cleaner for your phone to make sure your phone is not clogged with “app junk”!


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