ASMR Slicing is a game that uses cutting action as the main theme, which makes the game special. Not only possessing beautiful 3D graphics, interesting sound but game also promote extremely cool cutting function with incredibly thin slices.

In this article, we will show you how to play game and give you some tips and tricks to be able to play the game in the best way.

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How to use ASMR Slicing
ASMR Slicing

A few things about ASMR Slicing.

Released by Bling Dentist, ASMR Slicing after being released to the public has become a gamble with quite a lot of downloads and installations. This is a unique simulation game that allows you to cut through all shapes and materials.

ASMR Slicing has simple content and gameplay, all you need to do is press the screen to press the knife down according to the dashed lines on the objects to cut them, the cutting speed will depend. on your.

The cutting objects are very diverse, when through each stage there will be a cutting object, the tool for cutting is also changed accordingly. Currently the game has been released on two operating systems, Android and iOS.

How to use ASMR Slicing
The game requires ingenuity

Some tips and tricks for playing ASMR Slicing

  • Reasonable cutting line: when playing, you will be guided by the broken lines on the surface of the object to be cut, your job is to put the knife in that line to cut objects. Cut so that it is neither too thick nor thin. Especially for objects that contain images in it.
  • No need to cut all: take note of the requirements of the game, when you reach the number or collect the pictures in the item, let the rest of the item run over, you will Being marked by the game is completing the task while you just let it run through without cutting to tiny.
tips and tricks
tips and tricks
  • Cut slowly with the screen to find objects: be careful when doing, your task is to find out what is inside it, if you cut too fast, too thick, you can miss the contents without even knowing it.
  • Calculate the appropriate number of cuts: there are screens that require you to cut 5 slices, 6 slices, you need to calculate so that all the cuts, do not let them run so fast that you do not have the last cut.
  • Cut ½ objects with thin slices but do not cut completely: since you use a knife to cut thin slices but do not completely remove but only cut to ½. This will help you calculate points to complete the task quickly, especially recommended for the screen play items.

Pros and cons of the game

  • Pros : easy to download and install, easy to play, satisfying with perfect thin sand slices.
  • Cons : contains many ads that interrupt the playing process, easily cause boring if played for too long.
pros and cons game
pros and cons game


We can say ASMR Slicing is a great game for those who like cutting job. Extremely easy to play, simple game operations, suitable for all ages. A simple game but also helps relieve stress quite effectively, you can choose to entertain after tired working hours.


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