Archero is a must-have game in your phone. This is an entertaining game with beautiful 3D graphics, along with a cute chibi-shaped character line, your task is to fight monsters to protect the earth.

And to deal with them, you need to prepare some tactics and tips to quickly defeat the monsters. Here are some tips and tricks for you to easily win.

game is an entertaining game with beautiful 3D graphics
game is an entertaining game with beautiful 3D graphics

A few things about the game Archero MOD APK

Archero MOD APK is a modified version from the original version, in order to assist players in upgrading equipment, god mode, … to easily defeat opponents. In the game, you will play an archer to kill monsters, each stage will have 50 doors, 5 bosses need to destroy.

With Archero MOD APK you will not have to think too much about how to earn a lot of money and gems, or what way to kill monsters as fast as this version has supported you almost all. all you need to win.

How to use Archero
How to use Archero

Instructions for playing the game Archero MOD APK

Step 1

Download and install the game according to the following article : Archero PRO MOD Apk – MOD Max Speed , Full Money

Step 2

After starting the game, use the joystick to move the character. When an enemy arrives, release the joystick to hit the enemy.

Step 3

Use the obstacles as a cover and destroy all incoming waves of monsters.

Step 4

Collect gold: when all enemies die, collect all the coins and move to the next game screen.

Diverse system of options
Diverse system of options

Tips and tricks

  • Know your opponent: the best way for you to defeat hundreds of monsters is to know them. Each type of monster will have different weapons and fighting styles. That’s why you need to fight a lot to understand your opponent’s weaknesses.
  • Focus on your character: there will be a lot of things around that attract your attention. You may be tempted to look around the screen or watch for attacks but this is a big mistake, very easy to get hit.
  • Earn a lot of money: money will be a prerequisite for you to buy and upgrade weapons. If at first you were only provided with a simple bow, shoot 1 arrow / 1 time then after using the money to upgrade, you can shoot 7 arrows / 1 time, the ability to hit enemies will much higher.
  • Upgrade pets: pets are not only your friends in the game but they also help you fight enemies, for example they have some skills such as health buffs or increased damage to you.
  • Rule: there are many different lands in each game screen, after completing the challenge in a land, you can step into new lands. If the land you’ve just arrived is too difficult, then play back the past land, that will help you focus on fighting monsters and get more coins.
Diverse weapons system
Diverse weapons system

Things you get when playing the game Archero MOD APK

  • Unlimited money.
  • Activate god mode: you will become invincible, enemies will be destroyed by a single blow.
  • Unlimited gems: use to unlock tactics.
  • Unlock all weapons: This means your gun can fire more than one arrow with terrible damage to enemies.


In summary, when using Archero MOD APK version you just need to know how to play the game, and the remaining issues have game MOD version. But if you play the original game, apply some of the above tips and tricks to your game to help you win faster and easier.


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