Adobe Lightroom is one of the magic pens in Adobe’s photo editing application box. If you are a fan of beautiful photos, learn how to use Adobe Lightroom now!

Introducing Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an image editing application of Adobe. This is an application that allows users to edit photos professionally to enhance their photos. Unlike other photo editing software such as Photo Editor, Meitu, Wonderful, … Adobe Lightroom with professional tools will certainly completely meet the requirements of the user.

Different from the complex photo editing parts of the PC application, Adobe Lightroom on the phone displays with a much easier to use interface for the user, so even if you do not have the knowledge of photo editing with Adobe Lightroom but still want to be a boss of professional photos, you cannot ignore this article with How to use Adobe Lightroom on mobile phones (smatphone)

Let Adobe Lightroom be yours.

Step 1: Download the Adobe Lightroom application

Visit the App store or CH Play to search for “Adobe Lightroom” and download the application to your phone. (Picture 2)

Step 2: Open the application and log in

After downloading the application to your phone, open the application and log in to Lightroom by choosing to sign in with your Adobe, icloud, Google or Facebook account to start using (Get Started).

Step 3: Authorize photo access

Please allow Adobe Lightroom to access your photo album to assist you in creating the best photos. You can use one photo and multiple photos or all the photos in your album simultaneously in one touch on the phone. (Picture 4)

Step 4: Edit photos according to your style

After completing the three steps above, now is the time to unleash your editing photos. You can edit with the filters available in Presrts such as Creative, Color, Detail, B&W, … or you can completely create a unique photo according to your artistic eyes with the tools. like: Crop, Light, Color, Effects, Detail, …

Step 5: Save or share the image

Your picture is done, save it from the album app on your phone as a souvenir or you can share with everyone the picture you have taken and edited. Adobe Lightroom links with some popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can share your photos directly to the people around you.

Premium version of Adobe Lightroom

 Adobe Lightroom is a completely free application for photo editing, but this free version does not have as many tools for professional editing as the Premium version. To upgrade to the Premium version, you need to spend 109,000 VND / 1 month of use. Try using the Premium version and decide if it works for you because you have 07 days to try this version, after 07 days free trial, you will have to spend money every month to use Premium , think about this version if you really need it

Camera of Adobe Lightroom

Not only is the photo editing application, Adobe Lightroom Camera also surprises the user because it is like a miniature camera. Camera allows you to adjust parameters such as iso, aperture, speed, .. like a professional camera to be able to take beautiful and sharp pictures.

Proper phone configuration

For iOS: requires iOS 12.3 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

For Android: Android 5.0


Choosing to use the Adobe Lightroom application on a mobile phone (smartphone) will make editing your photos easier without losing the quality of your photos. With 05 steps above, make sure that you can produce beautiful, professional photos like the world’s top photo editors.


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