Do you know what root is? First, read through this article: What is ROOT Android ? – Best Android Root Software 2020

There are many versions of the game or other applications, if you want to use sometimes you have to root the phone. However, the benefits of rooting don’t just stop there, it has a lot of other uses that in this article we will introduce you. Besides, we will give you some information like how to root your phone, note before rooting and show you how to root your phone with SuperSU.

How To Root Phones
Root Android is that you should do on your device to have a new experience

The reason to root your phone

Rooting your phone will help you to control the phone to adhere to your wishes. Reasons you should root your phone:

  • Fully own the device: In principle, Android is an operating system that creates an open environment regardless of the hardware or software. With rooting, you will completely own the phone with maximum control, minimize risk, customize anything you want.
  • Install Custom ROM: Custom ROM also allows you to use the maximum functionality of the ROM. For example, OmniROM allows you to integrate voice to issue commands, or Carbon Custom ROM for Galaxy S4 mini to speed up, improve battery life, etc.
  • Uninstall Preinstalled Crapware: Manufacturers do not allow users to uninstall Preinstalled applications on their device. However, when rooting, users can easily uninstall settings.
  • Block ads (Ads) on any one application: Perhaps the ads when playing games or using the application will make you uncomfortable, so rooting the phone will completely remove the ads. your usage process.
  • Install incompatible applications: Some applications require root access to be able to install on your device. So if your device is rooted, you are free to install these apps.
  • Make a full system backup: although your Android phone has a backup function for apps and data, you cannot back up the whole system. So rooting your phone will help you do this.
How To Root Phones
Root Android

How to root android

To root android easily and quickly, you need to use the root software. There are countless different software for you to choose such as: Kingo Root, One Click Root, Framaroot, … The use of this software is extremely easy and the installation time is also quite fast. However, note when using the software because they can not support all android lines. The newer phones and the newer versions of android use, the harder it is to root.

To root your device, you need to prepare:

Step 1

Fully charge the battery before starting.

Step 2

Backup the device before rooting the device to ensure that if rooting fails, you can unroot the device back to its original state.

Step 3

Turn on USB debugging and OEM Unlocking: Go to Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the Settings screen, select Developer Options. If you can’t find Developer Options, follow these steps:

  • Select About Phone> Build Number.
  • Tap Build Number 7 times and you will see Developer Options appear in the Settings screen.
  • Select Developer Options
  • Check to enable USB Debugging.
  • Check to enable OEM Unlocking.
What is ROOT Android
It is very easy to root your phone

How to root your phone with SuperSU

Step 1: Prepare

  • Download Odin: (helps load the program into the phone boot)
  • Download SuperSU file .zip: (help root android)
  • Download the appropriate TWRP model: Can be found on the web: or search on Google.
    Note: To download TWRP correctly for the device, you need to know the “Device type” name of the device.
    How to find the device type name: Turn off the power -> Press the power + home + volume buttons at the same time, wait for 1 click on the Android Recovery screen to appear with device information. Then the machine will display a line, you need to pay attention to the red line -> search Google under the syntax “twrp (red line)” to find the most suitable twrp (.tar extension). Alternatively, you can download the Phone_info app to see the name of the Device Type (Device Type) Download Phone info.
How To Root Phones
root android TWRP

Step 2: Conduct root

  • Go to Settings -> Phone information (last line) -> Select the “Model number” line click 7-8 times to open the developer settings -> go to OEM and USB debug.
  • Insert the cable -> Copy to the memory card -> Turn off the device.
  • Press the power + home + volume down buttons at the same time to enter Download mode.
  • Open Odin: Select AP -> select the twrp file (.tar extension) -> Uncheck Auto boot -> Run and unplug the cable -> remove the battery -> reinstall.
  • Press the power + home + volume buttons at the same time to enter twrp -> select Wipe -> Format data -> back to the main screen.
  • Select Install -> Select the memory card area -> select to file -> run and restart the computer.
How To Root Phones
Easy-to-see interface, easy to implement at home

Note before rooting

  • Back up data in your phone to another device or on the Internet.
  • Understand device information and root software information
  • Learn how to access Android Recovery.
  • Regarding device warranty: the manufacturer will refuse to provide warranty for rooted devices even during the warranty period.
  • Be aware of the risk of virus infection when rooting your device and installing an alternative ROM.


For the aforementioned series of reasons, rooting your phone is one thing that makes you have a comprehensive experience on your Android device. Hopefully the necessary information on how to root, note before rooting, how to root your phone with SuperSU in this article will help you in successfully rooting your phone.

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