Crash Bandicoot is an adventure game that combines extremely attractive action, with endless running gameplay that is never outdated, surely you will be swept away constantly!

Because this is a new game, currently only released in Malaysia and there are a few differences with the same game titles such as Temple Run or Subway Surfers, so many of you may not know how. Play as well as some tactics to conquer Crash Bandicoot! Read on to find a satisfying answer!

Crash Bandicoot tips and tricks

Instructions to play Crash Bandicoot

You will transform into a cunning Crash Bandicoot fox, being chased by Dr. Cortex, your task is to move on 3 tracks, collect apples, items as well as some useful tools to help protect you in this game. Remember, do not look back, because he is always behind you and will attack at any time!

Crash Banticoot is divided into clear screens, not simply an endless running track. Therefore, there will be finish lines that are always waiting for the player to conquer. Remember, at the end of some special levels, bosses will appear and your task is to defeat them to finish successfully! Fighting

Crash Bandicoot requires you to be clever to avoid obstacles, while collecting apples on your fleeing journey. You must really focus to overcome the challenges that pitfalls everywhere. With just a small mistake, you will be the victim of the genetic mutation right behind there.

Swipe the screen upwards to control the character to jump, swipe down to slide, touch the screen to perform the legendary rotation of Crash and swipe left or right to move to the sides, very Many traps are quite sophisticated, making it possible for you to lose at any time.

Fun game, quick download
Fun game, quick download

To protect the universe, you need to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex’s minions in different Worlds. To complete this mission, run around the environment, avoid all obstacles and along the way do not forget to get apples or Aku Aku – objects that will protect you from any attacks.

Unlike other running games, in Crash Bandicoot, you have your own operation base, where Coco is waiting to help at any time. Grab various items scattered along the runway to create weapons and help Crash save the universe!


2.1 Take advantage of the red mushrooms

In your running, take advantage of the red mushrooms, they are like a magical cushion to take you to the elevated runway.

2.2 The powerful rotation

With just a simple tap on the screen, the fox with its striking orange fur has gently rotated and smashed the wooden crates, collected fruits and quickly strode forward. Take advantage of as fast as possible to bring high efficiency, good performance for that screen of your play!

The powerful rotation
The powerful rotation
2.3 Break multiple wooden warnings

Warning boxes are wooden boxes with exclamation points, and no one knows what they contain, but they are all useful to you. So don’t accidentally swipe up and miss it but turn around to break it and discover what’s inside.

2.4 Collect a variety of fruits

The creation of weapons at Coco Base requires not only apples and energy rocks but also green mushrooms, white honeysuckle trees, … So let’s collect a variety of plants above. Wumpa island for a super rich warehouse of manufacturing materials.

2.5 Upgrade Base regularly

There is a place that players will use to create weapons to confront the enemy, which is Coco Base. Here, you will use the materials collected on the journey then put in manufacturing machines to produce new weapons such as serums, bombs and even shotguns. You started with just Serum Lab to be able to produce all kinds of Serum. When you have the necessary ingredients, quickly unlock and build new Labs to produce more weapons. Do not forget to upgrade them to be able to produce more.

Many characters, spoiled for choice
Many characters, spoiled for choice


You can refer to the article about instructions to download this game here : Crash Bandicoot Mobile Apk for Android 

Crash Bandicoot is a game with a fairly simple way of playing and also has many new things that attract you to explore. With the above instructions, we hope to help you understand the game as well as have reasonable playing tactics, easily win the victory as you expected. If you have any other tips while playing, share them! Wish you happy!


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