HellCopter MOD Apk has brought a new content with beautiful graphics and extremely interesting gameplay. If you are curious about this new game, let’s find out the information about HellCopter in this article.

HellCopter MOD APK
HellCopter MOD Apk


HellCopter is a new shooting game released by SayGames. Currently the game has been released on Google Play and the App Store for free.

Unlike other shooters such as placing players on the hunt, finding and destroying enemies, HellCopter places players on a plane in the sky to perform the task of destroying enemies in a greenhouse. .

The plane will take you around the sides of the house to be able to destroy the entire team of the enemy team, but be careful because they can also destroy you when you have a loophole.

HellCopter hacker
HellCopter hacker

Game content

In the game HellCopter Mod Apk, you will control a character standing on the plane, after you determine the target, take down the enemies standing in the house.

The aircraft will move very slowly so you have time to aim and shoot, your enemies do not move but when you intend to shoot them, they will know and return to treat you well if you have not been able to kill. kill them.

You need to destroy all enemies hiding in a 3-storey house, after completing the task you will receive a worthy amount and move to the next level.

Extremely attractive action game content
Extremely attractive action game content

Style play

HellCopter has a simple gameplay, all you need to do is click on the target to shoot. Just by seeing the target, you can hit, no need to see the whole person and shoot, you can shoot even when you see his shoulder.

Besides that, pay attention to the gas tanks, you can shoot into it to create a big explosion, destroy all enemies in the room.

Graphics, sound

Game HellCopter MOD APK possesses quite new and beautiful 3D graphics, bright colors, harmonious coordination; Shaping characters, the house almost like the real will create a real feeling for the player.

In terms of sound, HellCopter does not pay too much attention to the sound of the game, only a few sounds are the sound of bullets and the explosion of gas cylinders, which can be said to be very poor and bland.

Instructions for downloading and installin

Step 1

Uninstall previously installed versions of the game.

Step 2

Download the HellCopter MOD Apk file link below.

HellCopter MOD APK
download file apk link below

Step 3

Install the downloaded file. You need to allow installation from unknown sources: Settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On.

unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 4

Wait for the HellCopter Mod Apk to install in your phone, then you can open and experience the game MOD version of the Bullet Bender game.

How to use HellCopter Mod Apk?

After downloading and installing the game HellCopter, open the game and click Tap to star to start playing the game. When you see the target, you just need to press the correct target to shoot, then your character will hit the position you click on the target or any area that you click.

Configuration accordingly

  • Game size: 66M
  • Current version: 1.0.5
  • Requires Android 5.0 and above
  • 1,000,000+ downloads
  • 4.5 / 5 star rating


HellCopter MOD APK can be considered a pretty good game for entertainment, but it can also be boring because the sound is not invested. A remarkable point of the game is that the main character’s standing position is on the plane, quite new for players to experience.


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