Gardenscapes is a match-3 game that integrates with creation and placement to create lots of gardens of their own style. But everything in Gardenscapes is not so simple, the game screen when reaching a certain level will cause many difficulties for players and you always have difficulty in making gold coins.

So in today’s article, we will show you some tips and tactics to overcome them!

Game has loads of challenges
Game has loads of challenges

Understand the goals of each game

Each game will have different goals and limit moves for you. It could be collecting fruits on demand, rescuing Gnomes statues or collecting sweet fruit juices.

Knowing and understanding the goals of the game will help you have a reasonable playing strategy, careful every move in the limit! Focus on the goal of that game, do not match miscellaneous because it is very costly to move but not effective anywhere!

Try to combine multiple cells

Basically, every 3 matches will match but to have a higher chance of winning, have more moves, you should match 4 cells even 5 cells.

Match 4 cells will help you create firecrackers to destroy in a cross shape and match 5 cells will create explosive bombs in two rows. Besides, this also helps you quickly get Rainbow Blast to destroy chri tables in one turn. Extremely attractive offline!

Gardenscapes Tips & Tricks
Match as much as possible

Take advantage of combining Boosters together

In Gardenscapes, Boosters are super useful trump cards because they can help you get rid of a deadlock. There are Boosters as follows:

The cannon is created when you put four bricks together, you can move it or activate it in place to create a cross-shaped explosion.
Putting five cells together to create a bomb, moving or activating it in place will create an explosion that will remove any debris in a two-row radius. A bomb can be made of matches shaped like a T or an L

Putting the six squares together to create Motivation, can move or activate it in place to blow up any cell along it within a radius of three.

Super useful boosters
Super useful boosters

Putting the seven tiles together you will get the TNT explosive, move it or activate it on site to create the biggest blast on the board.

However, Rainbow Blast is the most powerful Boosters, created by the accumulation of your matches. When you activate other Boosters, the clock on the left of the screen will gradually fill up and create Rainbow Blast. It will randomly fall into a certain cell. Just move it with any cell, the whole table will be deleted in a flash. Although terrible, but you should only use it when absolutely necessary, please try to ensure their safety!

Not only that, combining Boosters will create bigger bangs than ever! Try to bring them closer together to create victories!

Increase the chances of winning with Boosters before the match

The use of pre-match Boosters is extremely useful for difficult levels, especially for the screen with little moves and the goal is too terrible. There are 3 types: Double bomb, Rainbow Blast and Rainbow Blast Dynamite.

Choosing Boosters before a match increases your chances of winning
Choosing Boosters before a match increases your chances of winning

Boosters will gradually open according to the screen play. You must reach level 12 to unlock Double Bomb, reach level 16 to unlock Rainbow Blast and reach level 20 to unlock Rainbow Blast Dynamite. Before you enter a new stage, grasp the goal carefully to consider whether to use Boosters before the game or not.

Only use Boosters on the right side of the screen when it’s too secret

Gardenscapes Tips & Tricks
Boosters in the match

Gardenscapes có ba Boosters bạn có thể chọn trong khi chiến đấu, bạn chỉ có thể sử dụng chúng bằng cách chạm vào chúng trong menu bên phải. Khi chỉ còn năm bước và bạn vẫn không thể hoàn thành mục tiêu, hãy sử dụng nó. Có thể nói, những loại Boosters này luôn có thể giúp bạn thoát khỏi tình huống khi bạn sắp thất bại!

Hard to log into the game every day

Sự chăm chỉ trong Gardenscapes hàng ngày sẽ giúp bạn có được kết quả ngọt ngào. Ngoài việc chơi và trang trí sân vườn, mỗi ngày sẽ có một vòng quay may mắn hàng ngày, bạn sẽ nhận được Boosters, cuộc sống không giới hạn trong một thời gian nhất định hoặc tiền vàng để mua đồ nội thất từ ​​đây. Vì vậy, đừng bỏ lỡ nó, đây là điều bạn mong đợi mỗi ngày!

Gardenscapes  - Attractive Daily Spin
Attractive Daily Spin

Connect with your Facebook account

The player login to Facebook account in Gardenscapes will bring a small amount of gold and you can ask your friends for life support when exhausted because of losing consecutive!


You can refer to the introductory article and game guide here : Gardenscapes APK (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Stars)


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