Football Manager 2020 Mobile where you train superstar players like Ronaldo, Messi or Hazard? You want to discover young talents from all over the world or simply want to know how names like Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti or Pep Guardiola become the most respected managers in the ministry’s world.

football manager 2020 mobile
fm 20202

Introducing Game

Football Manager 2020 Mobile mod Unlimited is a sports game series of game makers SEGA and Sports Interactive has continued the series of football game series on how to manage extremely famous football.

The next version has received a lot of new comments in the title and is regularly updated with all the latest events and figures in this football world. And there will be a lot of exciting new changes that will inspire all fans about the systematic development of the game.

In addition, you can choose the scale you want to set up, take action, manage. Basically, you can configure configuration issues as well as complex settings for the club. your club so that your club is operating at its peak.

In this mod version you will not have to worry about unlocking your own players anymore, you can freely choose for your team the players you love, you can unlock those players. what you want to freely unleash your creativity according to your intellect.

Become the true team manager
Become the true team manager

Content Game

If you’ve ever dreamed that you would own a famous football club, Football Manager 2020 Mobile mod Unlimited is the game that will make your dreams come true. It gives you a lot of more detailed views about this king sport. Not only are you responsible for the intense matches each week, you also have to manage, recruit players, coaches and find the right tactics.

Like the owners of a rock club, you are free to decide on the team’s policies such as transfer policies, player purchases, stadium expansion, and advertising campaigns for the club. … The promotion of the club through the media is also important if you want to attract fans. Do everything you can to impress people through your media and press activities.

football manager 2020 mobile
Recruit any player you want

How the game works

Your job when playing Football Manager 2020 Mobile mod Unlimited is that you will be able to build your team’s tactics according to the currently popular proposed tactics such as Pressing, Sarriball, … With many advanced customizations, you Easily create your own tactics.

Club positions such as the Technical Manager, match analysis staff will give you helpful advice in developing the right tactics for the club. They will notify you if you are starting to have many changes in tactics, considering whether or not to change.

Besides, as a coach, you need to prepare many different squads and tactics for your club and must match each opponent and the course of the match. And of course, it has to match the players and the situation you had at the time.

football manager 2020 mobile
football manager 2020 mobile

With that, you can choose the tactics for your team as well as set up kickers, corner kickers and penalty kickers can sometimes help you overcome difficult games.

You need to build an intensive squad by buying players when the transfer season comes, hunting for young talents as well as building training sessions to train the skills of the players.

Especially in situations where the ball is dead, such as a penalty, free kick or corner kick. Because of that, it was likely the answer to a deadlock match. Who knows if a free kick will bring victory to your team? Also challenging yourself by playing nice and honestly by restricting, or preferably, not using, the relevant support software can help you in the game and help you win.

football manager 2020 mobile
How to operate the team is not easy

Graphics of the game

In this release, publishers from SEGA and Sports Interactive have brought Football Manager 2020 Mobile mod Unlimited an impressive improved graphics compared to previous versions.

Therefore ,We can see the fans cheering for their favorite team, the players sitting on the bench waiting to be launched on the pitch to show themselves until the image of the coaching The coaches are trying to guide their players according to the tactics, everything is very detailed and vivid.

This proves that SEGA and Sports Interactive have tried hard to focus on the player’s experience, not only the image or movement of the player, but also the extremely vivid details.

How to install game

Step 1

Firstly, Download the Football Manager 2020 Mobile APK and OBB link below.

download file apk and obb
download file apk and obb

Step 2

Next , You need to allow installation from unknown sources: Settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On.

Step 3

After that , Wait for the game APK and OBB to download to your phone, then you can open -> install apk .

Extract OBB from sdcard>Android>obb>paste

copy obb
copy obb


Football Manager 2020 Mobile is an excellent football management game for mobile devices and tablet lines. It provides great experiences when you want or have a dream of running a football club.

Therefore ,If you are a big fan of football, you definitely cannot miss this game. Currently, game is priced at VND 199,000 on Google Play and the App Store. If you have trouble paying, you can download it for free via game mod Unlimited. Wish you have a great experience!


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