Facetime on Android , whether on Android can install, refer to the article below immediately for answers

Facetime on android

1. What is Facetime ?

Facetime is an application dedicated to making voice or video calls between devices using Apple’s iOS operating system only requires an Internet connection.

Users can make completely free and unlimited calls in the form of audio like regular voice calls or video calls, images to the other party, as long as both devices are using the iOS operating system and have Connect to 3G, 4G or Wifi.

2. Can Facetime be used on Android devices?

Surely you will be very sad and disappointed by what we will talk about right now. As mentioned above, Facetime is an exclusive application exclusively for Apple devices, meaning that you can not use it on Android devices.

Fans of this green robot are still hoping to one day experience video calling right on their favorite Android device as the “formidable opponent” of iOS! So in the meantime Android launches video calling feature, people can refer to some of the FaceTime replacement applications that we introduce below!

can you donwload ?

3. The application can replace Facetime

Because Android has not yet launched a dedicated app for video calling, you can use apps with similar features to call your loved ones while away from home! Here are some of the apps we think are the best, not just for video calling, but for other familiar features too!


Skype is probably no stranger to those of the 9X generation. It appeared before the most popular social network today – Facebook. After the death of Yahoo, people rushed to use Skype because of its diverse features and usefulness to users.

Everyone knows for the first time video calling through this app, we can just make calls, text and even share photos, too great is not it?

SKYPE Video call

You can download and install at this link: Skype for android

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a full messaging application from Google, a response to Mark’s Facebook Messenger. Not only is it a regular messaging app, it also allows video calls with 10 connections per call to a normal account, while business and education accounts support up to 25 connections in a single call. . With this feature, Google Hangouts must have turned off Facebook Messenger already!

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts

You can download and install it at this link: Google Hangouts


WhatsApp is an application acquired by Facebook since 2014, which is also a normal messaging application. Later added group messages, voice calls and video calls should gradually become famous and have more users.

With this app, you can make calls to your heart completely free, unlimited and can leave a message if they do not receive the call. With these points, you will be able to try Facetime on Android in the best way!


You can download and install it at this link: WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger

Since Facebook split into two separate applications: Facebook and Facebook Messenger, users of this social network have witnessed its powerful transformation, added more features, everything has become smoother.…

With much effort from the development team, Facebook Messenger has launched individual video calling as well as group video calling. Compared to all other applications, Facebook Messenger is the most popular video calling application. It also owns stickers, games that can be played with friends when video calling, … Certainly Facebook Messenger will make you more satisfied than Facetime.

Facebook video call

You can download and install it at this link: Facebook


Zalo is a social network of Vietnam but the most important feature is messaging. In 2018, the social network launched video calling, giving users more options. With Zalo, you can make video calls to friends and relatives very stable on a mobile network connection or Wifi and take photos of those memories. Not only that, Zalo is used by many middle-aged people because of its simplicity, so make suggestions for parents to use right away!

Zalo on android

You can download and install it at this link: Zalo

4. Epilogue

Facetime is a great application but can only be used on Apple devices. While waiting for the Android operating system to provide the video calling application available, try downloading and experiencing the applications we have suggested above. If there’s a better app, share it now so we can recommend it to other users. So, you have the answer Facetime on Android – The current answer is no


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