Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK :The famous manga “Dragon Ball 7” must have become the childhood of many people. To keep up with the current technological era, “Dragon Ball 7” has been adapted into a fascinating game, which is game.

With Dragon Ball Legends, you will meet legendary characters like SonGoku, Gohan, Piccollo, … However, not every country can download the game, so to be able to experience Dragon Ball Legends, We will introduce and guide you how to install Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK version.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD apk
Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

Introducing Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends has an action RPG gameplay with famous characters in “Dragon Ball 7” such as Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, … and all the other characters you love. Each character will have specific moves corresponding to that character. With intuitive controls and simple card-based attack gameplay, mixed with high-quality 3D animation and animation, Dragon Ball Legends will bring the best anime fights on your mobile device.

Game content

Dragon Ball Legends has a plot similar to the comic book and anime version. Role-playing game, in battle, the player will choose the fighting skills for his character to deal damage to the enemy. Each skill that the player uses will consume mana and when this mana is exhausted, the player needs to use mana recovery skills or use other support items.

Each battle, players can bring up to 3 characters and can choose a character to fight. Each character has a finite source of energy, and the character will die if the vitality is depleted. Players can switch to other characters to fight. Try to destroy all 3 characters from the opponent’s team to win the final.

Extremely attractive game, attracting right from the first play
Extremely attractive game, attracting right from the first play

Style play

Dragon Ball Legends has a simple gameplay, the game’s controller is optimized, only includes skills on the screen, players touch the screen to change the direction of movement and launch skills from each card to create many attractive fighting styles separately.

In the game, you will play a character, take part in adventure moves and fight with other players. You must destroy all who stand in the way to be able to win. Game has two main modes: offline and PvP. Unlike other games, the skill of the game is unlocked by the card system, which allows you to combine many different tactics.

Graphics, sound

  • Regarding game graphics, Bandai Namco has designed Dragon Ball Legends with sharp, beautiful 3D images. Bright colors. Create the same character with the original version. The movements are very smooth and the characters are very vivid, just like the original version.
  • Regarding sound: Dragon Ball Legends is also invested quite carefully as the picture. The characters are voiced relatively standard, with many familiar lines as in the movie.
extreme style
extreme style

Features of Dragon Ball Legends MOD Apk

  • 1 Turn win.
  • 1 Hit kill.
  • Complete all sub-questions.
  • Forever KI.
  • Forever VANISH.
  • Support menu, turn off MOD.
  • Change characters constantly.
  • Increase attack and defense.

Instructions for downloading and installing game

Step 1

Download the Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK file from the link below.

download apk link below
download apk link below

Step 2

Open the downloaded file and click to install. Allow installation from unknown sources if your phone has a notification (because you have not installed the MOD Apk version). Go to settings / Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On.

unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 3

Wait for the installation process, then you can play game on your phone.

Configuration accordingly

  • Current version: 2.7.0
  • Game size: 89M
  • Requirements: Android 6.0


You can refer to the tutorial article here : How to use Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a game you will not be missed because it is really attractive, especially for enthusiasts “Dragon Ball 7”. About installing game is not too complicated, so you can completely download the game and install it yourself. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, surely Game MOD APK will be a certain version you have to try when playing Dragon Ball Legends.


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