Crash Bandicoot Mobile: For anyone who has a passion for mobile games, you can never ignore the fascinating and attractive adventure genre, making it difficult for you to put your device down to do something else.

The endless races and discoveries in the small phone seem to become an indispensable spiritual dish, have you ever become a naughty boy who always runs away from the police officer in Subway Surfers or a detective? dangerous historical run of monsters in Temple Run?

The game we brought today is the same race but with the super cute characters in Bandicoot saga, and it’s the adventure game that combines cult action from the famous King developer – Crash Bandicoot!

Crash Bandicoot Apk
Version new update April 2020

Introduction to game

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is an adventure game that combines extremely lovely action, revolves around the popular Crash Bandicoot character and was loved by many people.

With familiar 3-way gameplay like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, players must keep out of reach of enemies and get lots of gold, items as well as many good things in their turn!

Content Crash Bandicoot game

In this comeback, Crash’s adventure has changed. The story and events in Crash Bandicoot take place on the island of Wumpa and revolve around our three main characters Crash, Coco and the antagonist Dr. Neo Cortex – who created Crash.

He always considered Crash an unacceptable failure experiment, so he always found a way to correct his mistake by finding and killing Crash.

Besides, he also developed deadly experiments to plot the domination of the universe. Crash and Coco of course cannot let this conspiracy come true.

With the help of my beloved Coco, Crash’s mission is to defeat the crazy Doctor and bring the original peace to this beautiful land !! Not only the long run, you unlock buildings to get huge arsenal, defeat enemies!

Crash Bandicoot Apk
funny game

Describe how to play

Crash Bandicoot Mobile has a familiar endless run game, similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfers hit a few years ago. You will transform into a cunning Crash Bandicoot fox, chased by Dr. Cortex, your task is to move on 3 tracks, collect apples, items as well as some useful tools in the game. this. Remember, do not look back, because it is always behind you and will attack at any time!

Crash Bandicoot requires you to be clever to avoid obstacles, while collecting apples on your fleeing journey. You must really focus to overcome the challenges that pitfalls everywhere. Just a small mistake, you will fall victim to Dr. Cortex right behind there.

To be able to run away you need to take advantage of the finger manipulation with the screen. Swipe the screen upwards to control the character to jump, swipe down to slide, touch the screen to perform the legendary rotation of Crash and swipe left or right to move to the sides. It’s always easier said than done, especially when the game tries to discourage your efforts by designing a lot of sophisticated traps, which you can lose at any time.

To protect the universe, you need to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex in different Worlds. To complete this mission, run around the environment, avoid all obstacles and along the way do not forget to get apples or Aku Aku – objects that will protect you from any attacks.

Unlike other running games, in Crash Bandicoot Mobile, you have your own operation base, where Coco is waiting to help at any time. Grab various items scattered along the runway to create weapons and help Crash save the universe!

Crash Bandicoot Apk
Fast action game

Graphics, sound of Crash Bandicoot game

Although the gameplay is not new, it cannot be denied that this game is still very attractive and attractive. In particular, with sharp and super realistic 3D animated graphics, combined with bright colors bring inspiration to play like never before for all those who accidentally press the icon of Crash Bandicoot Mobile. Everything in the game is meticulously elaborated, eye-catching colors, so you will never get bored!

Besides graphics, Crash Bandicoot also has a unique sound. Part of the music featured, the legend makes these video game fans excited and emotional. Download now to enjoy the melodies for a while!

Crash Bandicoot Apk
Extreme graphics

Instructions to download and install Crash Bandicoot APK

Step 1

Select Settings, click on Security and privacy and click on “Unknown sources”.

Unknown sources
Unknown sources

Step 2

Click on the link below to download our Crash Bandicoot APK file to your Android device. The process may take several minutes depending on the Internet speed the device is connecting so please wait patiently.

click link download apk
click link download apk

Step 3

Once the download is complete, open and click “Install” to start installing Crash Bandicoot APK on your device!

Install APK
Install APK

Step 4

Once the download is complete, open and click “Install” to start installing Crash Bandicoot APK on your device!


Instructions for playing and tips quickly overcome challenges: HOW TO PLAY CASH BANDICOOT – Tips and Tricks

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is an exciting, action-packed adventure game with a groundbreaking feature to build heavy weapons, which can defeat Dr. Neo Cortex with the plot to dominate the universe. Extremely crazy. With the APK version we bring, there will certainly be more interesting experiences. Wish you always have fun with the game that we bring today!


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