CCleaner Pro for Android : If one day your beloved phone suddenly slows down like a turtle, or is taking pictures of divine fantasy that the memory is full of and cannot store, then you will be sad, disappointed and bewildered what to do! Do not worry, if suddenly such a situation happens, download immediately CCleaner! And why, scroll down to know more!

CCLeaner Pro for Android
CCleaner Pro APK

Introduction to CCleaner Pro for Android

CCleaner is no stranger to computer users, especially those who often use this software to optimize, clean, speed up the computer. The effect of this software is very realistic, helping users to experience and feel right when used.

After a while, the developer released CCleaner on Android. The app tool is a popular and extremely effective system cleaning software that is trusted by many people, it can intervene deeply into the system, scan and completely remove junk files, temporary files, applications. Help you save space on your phone and help the system run smoother.

With the arrival of CCleaner in the mobile field, users have an extremely effective tool in handling and optimizing their phone systems, more specifically you can use app. to clear junk files, control apps, check device hardware usage, free up memory and surf the web more securely.

Speed up your phone
Speed up your phone

Features of the CCleaner Pro for Android

The app is one of the oldest system cleanup tools, first launched in 2004. After so many years of launching and being used by over 2 billion users, we evaluate that this is a The best cleaning tool and most features. As follows:

App is will help you to clean the device, delete junk files, duplicate memory, and App will delete Internet history, cookies, web browser, remove software installed on the system to increase Speed ​​up your device, run more stable and faster.

CCleaner Pro for Android has the best speed of cleaning and optimizing the system today, when using CCleaner. Powerful, it is compatible on most devices and popular operating systems today.

App has many outstanding features
App has many outstanding features

The App also continuously monitors your usage with CPU, RAM and memory. When necessary, will notify you about your usage. In addition, you can also view the battery temperature or battery life, …

Not only that, CCleaner also owns a minimalistic interface, intuitive and extremely user friendly, so anyone can easily use this cleaning application, giving users the experience. the best!

Instructions to download and install application on Android devices

CCleaner Pro for Android is a completely legal application, so you can easily download this app for your Android device from the Google Play app store.

Step 1

Click the link below to install the regular apk or apk CCleaner Pro MOD.

Download  Pro for Android
Download apk

Step 2

Then, navigate to the path to save the apk file, select and press Install

Click Install CCleaner
Click Install CCleaner

Step 3

When the process of installing CCleaner on your computer is finished, you can press “Open” right in the download section to start the application. Or exit the main screen, you will see the icon of this application and click on it to start using this great cleaning tool.

Get Started
Get Started


CCleaner Pro for Android is a very useful cleaning tool and if you are having problems with speed or memory, then quickly download it to your computer, really indispensable! With the way to download and install the application is super easy, super fast that we have instructed above, what else do you hesitate! Good luck!

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