If you are a fan of billiard, the 8 Ball Pool game will be a great choice for you to experience billiard shooting on your mobile phone or computer. However, the normal billiard shooting is not attractive and attractive, so we will introduce you an tool to play 8 Ball Pool which is Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool.

Introducing Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool

Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool developed by Aim Tool Team. Currently this application is completely free on Google Play, but it is not supported for download in some countries.

The game is a professional tool for 8 billiard players and helps you to become a master in billiard game. It can help you aim the ball and extend the line of sight automatically. It is easy to perform beautiful and precise shots, not limited to direct shots but also to bank shots or easy dribbles. Like you are using a real measure to measure the path or the formula to calculate the angle.

You can sign up for a Premium account of Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool to gain full access to the features.

Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool APK
extended aim line

Features of Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool

  • Auto aim: when you start the game, the tool will suggest all ball paths for the player.
  • Rotate the cue to aim the cue ball. The aim tool and the extended line are automatically displayed.
  • Enjoy 8 Ball Pool with auto aiming tool.
  • Aim the ball bank shot easily without any other manipulation.
  • Broken lines will display automatically with accurate measurement angle.
  • The object ball will hit the cushion and return to your target pocket correctly.
try a kich shot
try a kich shot

Style play

Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool is a billiard game based on smart devices. Therefore, the gameplay is almost similar to a billiard match. The teams then take turns to shoot billiards according to the number on the ball that hit the hole. Aim Tool will help players see the way to shoot billiards in its correct hole.


Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool has sharp graphics, billiard tables have a unique edge design, reasonable layout, realistic reproduction of billiard tables in the real world.

best graphic
best graphic

Instructions to download and install Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool

5.1 Install Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool APK on Android phones

Step 1

Download the APK file of Aim Tool for 8 Ball Pool APK link below

Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool APK
download apk

Step 2

Open the downloaded file and click to install. If you are denied installation, go to settings -> Security -> Allow installation from unknown sources -> On. Then install the file.

unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 3

Wait for the installation process. After installation is complete, the application will appear on the phone screen and you can start playing.

5.2 Installing Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool for PC (Windows Computer / Mac)

  Step 1

Download and install Bluestacks here : https://www.bluestacks.com/

Step 2

After downloading, click on the downloaded file to install Bluestacks.

Step 3

Download the Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool APK installation file for PC.

Step 4

Install Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool with Bluestacks: Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool file after downloading the installation to Bluestacks: right-click on Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool -> Open with -> select Bluestacks .

As soon as the installation is finished, you will see the icon of Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool on Bluestacks home screen. Click on that icon to start playing game on the computer.

play game on PC
play game on PC

Configuration accordingly

Version: 1.2.4
File size: 8.46 MB
Requirements: Android 5.0 or higher


Above is some information about Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool. We can say this is a game that is very suitable for people who like to play billiards in reality, but it is also a pretty interesting game for everyone to explore. Although there are download limits in some countries, if you want to play game then nothing is impossible.

You can refer to the game tutorial article and tips here: How to use Aim Tool For 8 Ball Pool – Tips and Tricks


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