School days private : In the life of every human being, perhaps the student’s life is the most beautiful and peaceful time because it is when we are not a little busy, it is the time of morning and hard in the classroom.

Under the school roof, so many dreams have been nurtured and fluttered so far, so many small stories have become interesting, so many smiling faces there. And then when growing up, everyone wished to get a ticket to return to that beautiful moment.

Understanding this wish, game maker MDickie founded the game School Days Private in the hope of bringing players to their youth in white shirts. Today, let us explore this game with us!

A super attractive school game

Overview of School Days Private

School Days Private was founded by developer MDickie, this is the right choice for those who are passionate about the simulation game genre, who love to experience virtual life created by the game. The life that this game brings about revolves around activities at school, such as: studying, chatting, playing, confessing to the person you like or a bit of quarrels, quarrels, … Very familiar Right?

The true life of a high school student

Game content

In the game, the player becomes a male student with a little quiet personality. But because of being in puberty, there will be rebellious phases like many young chicken fighters.

There will be battles, quarrels, quarrels or sweet confessions like the love speech for the girl I like for so long. Hearing that, maybe you think this game is too simple and boring but not where, there are many interesting things hidden and waiting for you to discover!

School life is full of fascinating details

Graphic of School Days Private

Compared to other school-themed games, School Days Private is not a graphic rated game. If other games use chibi graphics and sweet, bright candy tones, School Days Private uses super realistic 3D graphics, the characters are not too beautiful, but only sketches The most realistic and simple, we think it is a bit rough, with the same basic color. If you wait for the bright spot in the graphics, maybe this game will make you a little disappointed! Still, School Days Private is good, right?

What is great about School Days Private MOD APK?

To make it easier for you to play the game from the beginning, we have created another version for this game. If you play on this version, Editor feature has been unlocked, you can do what you like without having to pay to use this feature.

Besides, players will enjoy the most comfortable game because there is no annoyance from the interrupted ads. It was really great!

Instructions to download and install game

School Days Private MOD APK provided by us is not a legal app so you can’t find it on the device’s app store. Because this is a third-party application, to be able to install on Android devices, you need to allow installation from unknown sources on your device. So follow the instructions below to install School Days Private MOD APK on your Android device now!

Step 1

First, go to the Settings section, select the Security and privacy section, click “Unknown sources”.

Allow installation from unknown source

Step 2

Next, click on our link below to download School Days Private MOD APK to your Android device. This may take several minutes, depending on the Internet speed the device is connecting to.

Once the download is complete, open and click “Install” to start installing School Days Private MOD APK on your device!

Download and install School Days Private MOD APK simply and quickly

Similar to the download process, the application installation will take place within a certain period of time. You need to wait until the installation process is finished. Once completed, click on the School Days Private MOD APK icon on the screen and start to experience the student life once again!

How to play School Days Private

To start the game, you need a character to represent yourself. You can customize and choose everything you like for your character, from hairstyle, hair color, skin color, clothing, … and even personality for the character.

With your choice, you can become anyone. It could be a handsome, handsome, super man who stole the hearts of many girls in school. Or become a smart guy with a nerd appearance always with glasses and books in hand, … Come right to School Days Private to become the model of the student you want!

private apk
Quite a lot of options for character formation

This game mainly emphasizes manual action on the screen. On the left of the device screen are arrows that move the character left, right, up, and down. Because School Days Private is a real-life simulation game, it needs a lot of manipulation thanks to the virtual keys on the right of the screen, they include:

  • A: Quickly attack nearby people.
  • G: Struggling with the opponent. This key can also make a hug or throw something in your hand. Combine G + Direction to wrest the opponent in the direction you want.
  • R: Run. Perhaps no further explanation is needed. Combo R + A to perform a powerful attack.
  • P: Pick up an object at the nearest position in front of you. R + P to burn something.
  • T: Interact with others or with an object around. If you want to chat with someone then use this virtual key.

In the conversation, you can touch the conversations to skip them, shortening the time when playing.

apk mod download
Easy character controls

When playing School Days Private, players will see a character’s biological clock in the corner of the screen to indicate daily health. It gradually decreases over time and decreases faster every time you fight or do something energy-intensive.

In order for it to recover, you need to go to a fast food restaurant and eat something. Of course you have to pay for them, otherwise the store owner will get mad and throw you out the door. It is quite interesting in this case because then, your character will pick up food from the ground up and put it into your mouth, ewww …

For your health to recover, the best way is to sleep. In this game, the character can sleep anywhere, be it on the bed, desk, public toilet or in the middle of the school yard. Before you exit the game, put your character to sleep for the best return.

Underneath the health meter is a meter of reliability. The way it works is like a health watch, but it only decreases when you engage in negative activities. If it drops to 0 then your character will completely lose control over a period of time and do crazy things. So always keep a positive attitude!


School Days Private is an interesting school game that anyone should play to relive their youth. Sometimes you will laugh because it is too similar to me! Download and play now! Wish you always have fun gaming hours!


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